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We all know the importance of quality sleep for health and those of us with regular sleep schedules will spend at least 6 to 7 hours in bed.

Ideally, those hours should be filled with deep sleep and not endless tossing and turning in bed.

Many factors can affect the quality of sleep with some being external and uncontrollable like medical conditions, but there are others that we have some measure of control over.

It’s Pretty Personal

Depending on whether you’re a back-sleeper, side-sleeper or stomach-sleeper, you’ll find that different mattresses suit your style better.

In general, though, it’s believed that firmer mattresses are better than mattresses you sink too much into, as comfortable as they may sound.

Firmer mattresses offer more support to keep your body in a neutral position which means that you won’t find yourself waking up with numb limbs or a sore back or neck anytime soon.

However, firm doesn’t mean hard. A good, firm mattress should still afford some give, but shouldn’t cave as easily as a soft one.

Joey Mattress told us that they design their mattresses to provide medium-firmness which they claim allows for optimum support of your body with all of its natural curves.

A Malaysian mattress brand with all its designing and manufacturing done locally, their patented J-Foam makes up the base of their mattresses.

According to them, the J-Foam provides support, breathability for a cool night’s sleep, and maximum isolation of motion if you have a fidgety partner or pet.

But rather than just reading about it, we wanted to put this to the test.

One Night With Joey Mattress

We had one of their mattresses sent over to our office. While Joey Mattress offers single, queen and king-sized ones, the single was the best fit for the limited space in our office.

I wasn’t keen on sleeping a night alone in the office, so our boss, Sarah took on the challenge and had a sleepover with her cat, Cookie to keep her company.

When asked for her thoughts on how her night went, she said, “The mattress was comfortable, the material itself is actually quite cooling so it didn’t feel ‘stuffy’ throughout the night, but it was a stupid decision to bring the cat.”

“If not for the cat, I think my sleep would have been better because she kept waking me up. But during the time that I was asleep, I slept deeply.”

“My deep sleep according to my fitness tracker was 40%. That’s quite high. As a comparison, at home I usually get about 20–30%.”

As a side-sleeper, she also found the mattress to provide adequate support through its medium firmness while still allowing her shoulders to sink in comfortably without being too giving.

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For anyone interested in testing the mattress for themselves without the commitment of a purchase, you can have a risk-free trial where you can have one sent to your home for 99 days, as is common with online mattress purchases.

That should give you enough time to make a decision, and if you decide that it’s not for you after all, you can just return it, no ‘springs’ attached.

Besides Sleeping…

I enjoy doing my work in bed. I got through 3 years of my university degree doing my assignments from my bed. I’d simply plump up my pillows, prop them up behind me, work on my assignment and take random naps throughout.

Working on the mattress was comfortable for me, even if I didn’t have proper pillows for my back in the office, only a random assortment of cushions.

I tried leaning back with my legs extended before me and even sitting cross-legged and didn’t notice any discomfort.

So, comfort while sleeping or while doing work: checked. 

We also saw all those YouTube and Facebook videos on the Zero-Motion Transfer material, a form of motion isolation. 

Dictionary Time: Motion isolation refers to how effectively a mattress localises or absorbs a person’s movement, which is great for people who don’t sleep alone.

Rather than jump or backflip onto the bed, we decided to test it out in more practical and real-life situations.

We lounged for a bit on the bed with a glass of water and a bowl of crackers to see how they’d react to our shifting around.

We also tried sitting down heavily on the bed after grabbing the laptop, uncaring of the water and crackers, which barely moved.

Of course, “working” on a bed also involves having little naps or even rolling side to side. The bowl of food and glass of water stayed still, too. 

What we found was that if there was any movement, it was due to the bedsheet shifting under the glass and bowl.

This is particularly important to me; I tend to snack and enjoy drinks in bed and I’m not going to lie, I’ve had some spillage before and it was always a nightmare.

Yet I keep doing it. My mattress at home doesn’t have the same motion-absorbing technology, so that’s probably the main factor.

Verdict: Price Matters

Joey Mattress does their own manufacturing, cutting out middlemen from the equation and delivering directly to you from their warehouse.

A single will cost you RM1,250, a queen RM1,895 and a king RM2,395. Every purchase comes with free delivery and return as well as a 10-year warranty.

At the moment, they only deliver within the Klang Valley, offering next-day delivery to most areas within it.

If you have an old mattress in place, Joey Mattress can also haul it away for an additional RM150.

We were quite impressed with the mattress and can see ourselves considering it as a purchase in the future. It’s extra convincing since we got to test it hands-on for its motion isolation, and its comfort is very satisfying.

Medium firmness (suited our side-sleeper Not the cheapest option on the market
Next-day delivery in many Klang Valley areas Doesn’t deliver to areas outside of Klang Valley yet 
Free delivery and return for purchases No showroom where you can check out the mattress before buying online
Risk-free 99-day test trial with no obligation to purchase after
Zero-Motion Transfer makes it great for people who don’t sleep alone or who like to multitask in bed

VP Verdict is a series where we personally try and test out products, services, fads, and apps. Want to suggest something else for us to try? Leave a comment here or send the suggestion into our Facebook page.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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