Amazon Allegedly In Early Talks For Stake In Gojek, To Invest "Sizeable" Amount

Gojek may soon have another giant standing in their court.

Reuters reported on 28 August that Amazon is currently in early talks to buy a stake in Gojek, according to an unnamed source “familiar with the matter”.

There are no details at the moment, but The Wall Street Journal wrote that it would be a “sizeable investment”.

The Indonesian ‘unicorn’ Gojek has recently been backed by a number of rather formidable investors like Visa, Mitsubishi, Google, Alibaba, Tencent and JD.com.

They’re coming close to reaching a US$10 billion valuation.

On the other hand, Amazon has been revving up its transportation capabilities, and investing in Gojek could help them further expand their delivery infrastructure.

The company has been on a spree of acquisitions and investments into other transport, logistics and delivery firms in the past few years as well, including food delivery firm Deliveroo and Indian bus-sharing app Shuttl.

Some of the services they’re working on are automated delivery by drones or sidewalk robots, transporting people with self-driving vehicles, and embedding their voice assistant Alexa into cars to let people order products and get them dropped off in their car trunks.

Featured Image Credit: Coin Desk / New Straits Times

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