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A large number of Malaysians have sinus infections. They usually blame it on the haze or just resign to saying it’s something they have lived with since they were young.

The fact is—especially if we live in the more urban areas—the air we breathe will have some sort of allergen or contaminant that the naked eye can’t see. You’re not safe in your home or office; the air-nemies are everywhere.

Sneaky Allergens

Just take a look around you. Whatever object you see could potentially harbour allergens. Things such as office chairs, shoe racks, curtains, tabletops and carpets are prime shelters for those sinus-triggers.

We went on a hunt around our office, and we were pretty grossed out by what we found.

You’d expect the floor mat and shoe rack to be dirty, but seeing it close-up is rather stomach-turning.

My nose started to itch while taking this photo.

Moving a little closer to where we sit and work every day, here’s a desktop PC.

Time to bust out that can of compressed air.

And let’s not get started on our office chairs.

The bookshelf was quite goosebump-inducing.

Also, mental note to clean and maybe repaint those walls.

Having an office pet isn’t really helping with the dust-count.

We don’t really think we’re huge slobs, but there are places we overlook, even with regular cleaning. Don’t judge us before you go on a hunt around your own home.

Clearing The Air

The most commonly found allergen that lurks around us are dust mites, and they get everywhere and into everything. Due to how humid Malaysia is, it’s the perfect ground for dust mites to thrive if left unchecked. And our office is likely filled with them.

There are many ways for us to reduce the number of allergens in our homes by using devices such as air filters, vacuums with HEPA filters, and more. 

But one of the more hassle-free ways would be to have them built right into your homes and running smoothly in the background.

The nanoeX technology found on the Panasonic X Air-Conditioners is meant to deodorise the air around us. According to Panasonic, the nanoeX particles are smaller than steam droplets and it allows them to easily penetrate into fabrics and deodorise them.

nanoeX is also meant to prevent the growth of bacteria and viruses in the air, so allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, fungi and pollen will not have a chance to attack your sinuses.

If you want to ensure clean air when you reach home, you can toggle nanoe mode to purify your home while you are out. When nanoe mode is turned on, it only draws 25 watts of power— that’s just as power-consuming as an LED light bulb.

In line with not wasting energy, the air-conditioners are also equipped with ECONAVI sensors that will sense if there are people in the room and cool accordingly. If you are out of the room or inactive, it will reduce cooling power, saving energy.

The X Air-Conditioners are also equipped with AEROWINGS that are controlled by 2 independent motors which allow for faster cooling.

When the room is sufficiently cooled, it will transition to Shower Cooling that delivers cool air higher towards the ceiling, sending cold air from above and cool the room evenly.

Other than getting our regular cleaner to be more thorough, we now know what other options we have available to us to help our sneezy sinus-ey colleagues. We’re looking at you, Joyce.

  • You can find out more about the Panasonic X Air-Conditioners here.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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