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Founded by Timothy Tiah and Audrey Ooi in late 2017, Colony’s brand of luxury coworking spaces is known for its attention to hospitality.

Across their five branches, Colony’s team believes in helping members to feel at home in their space.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Isn’t that expected though? The members are paying for that service.”

While that’s true, these eight real-life stories of guests who experienced Colony’s hospitality first-hand will perhaps demonstrate how a service team can take the route above and beyond.

1. Ending Relationships The Right Way

A lady who worked at Colony @ Eco City had recently broken up with her boyfriend. When the team learnt of this, they decided to prepare a break-up kit for her, along with personal sticky notes on each product.

To help her get over him, they included pampering products like a face mask, chocolates and candy, and even threw in tissues for her tears.

But that wasn’t all, as they also provided a trash bag to throw away any unwanted memories of him, and even included a lighter in case throwing them away wasn’t enough.

Breaking up is never an easy task, but it’s always nice to know that someone cares for you and in this instance, the Colony team touched her heart and she even wrote a letter to the team to thank them.

2. A Shirt’s Worst Enemy: A Door

One day, Varun was rushing into the office. In the process, his shirt got stuck to the metal frame of Colony’s entrance and was torn. He was left with a small gash too.

Immediately, the team provided him with a first aid kit for disinfecting and wound dressing. Which to him was already a nice thing for the team to do. 

But, the very next day, Colony presented him with a brand new shirt of the same size and design too. Even Varun was shocked at how ‘powerful’ the Colony team was.

3. Flying Comfortably, Colony Style

When one of the companies at Colony @ KL Sentral was going to the US for a business trip, the team at Colony decided to provide them with airplane kits that came with a face mask, steam eye mask, eye drops, mints, earplugs, and hand sanitiser.

Long flights are never easy because you’ll never know what kind of passengers you’re sitting with. At least with an eye mask and earplugs, you’ll be in more comfortable hands.

They even bought one of them a pair of earphones because his had gone missing, and while he rejected them the first few times Colony presented them to him, he eventually gave in and took them gratefully.

4. Attracting Inspiration

Vicky is a Colony guest at their KLCC branch who was about to head out to a work meeting to close a deal.

Since she practices the law of attraction, she told Colony’s team that she usually look for reminders to keep her motivated about what she wants, and on that occasion, it was the deal that she wanted to close.

Hearing this, Colony’s Community Manager personally designed some motivational quotes, and put together a quote vision board for Vicky.

She was pleasantly surprised when they presented it to her, because she had been thinking about getting one for herself.

Today, she still has the board placed on her office desk. And yes, if you were wondering, she managed to seal the deal.

5. Just Like Family

Becky, who works with Food For the Hungry, was rushing a deadline for her upcoming event at Colony, she needed help with bulk printing and creating a bunting (a type of banner) last minute.

The Colony team jumped in to help out and did about 1,000 pages of printing and binding, and got her a bunting within 24 hours.

During the event, Colony’s Community Managers noticed that one of the guests was falling sick and made a care package for the guest to make them feel better.

After the event had ended, Becky sent the team an email and told them how Colony’s team felt like an extension of her own, especially with how much they helped her out. This shows that Colony doesn’t just help their guests, but their guests’ guests too.

6. Keeping All 600+ Of Their Guests Safe From Air Pollution

If you recall not too long ago, Malaysia was hit with a few weeks of strong haze, with an air pollution index of more than 200 in Kuala Lumpur alone. 

Concerned about the wellbeing of their guests, all teams from Colony initiated a door-to-door visit of all their guests, bearing haze-away care packages that consisted of masks and eye drops.

To make it even more unique, all of the packages come with their very own haze-related puns too, to brighten a cloudy day.

The care packages weren’t specific to just their guests, as even the walk-in guests and the ones that are on tours snagged a care package of their own.

7. Breakfast For One, Memories For All

Last day of work tends to be emotional. But, this got even more emotional once the Colony team brought Ms. J a big breakfast along with some strawberries as an afternoon snack on her last day of work.

But, that’s not all. The team goes the extra mile and got her a gift too: a glass water bottle with her name written on it in cursive, as well as a few Polaroid photos for memories’ sake.

8. The Best Gift A Coffee Lover Could Ask For

Similar to Ms. J, it was also Ms. M’s last day of work when Colony surprised her with a gift. She hadn’t expected the team to know that she was leaving, but the team had found out that information from her colleague, Miss H, anyway.

Ms. M’s love for coffee was well known throughout her time there. So, the Colony team decided to gift her something that could be used for a long time: a reusable coffee cup. It was wrapped beautifully too.

Small Acts That Go A Long Way

B’s birthday: He loves Coca-Cola, so the team surprised him with a “cake” made with cola and chocolates.

Besides doing small, dedicated acts of care for its members, Colony also makes changes that benefit its overall community of members.

One example of this is how they converted their nursing room (which wasn’t used often) at Colony @ Star Boulevard KLCC into a prayer room.

All their centres now have prayer rooms available, whether it be a converted nap room or prayer rooms already within the building.

Sometimes making the best work environment isn’t about large gestures. And in a competitive industry like the coworking scene, every little differentiating point helps a team and their location to stand out. 

These stories goes to show that the Colony team will always prioritise the satisfaction and the happiness of their members.

Since 2020 is coming, if you’re thinking of moving to a new office anytime soon, you should give Colony a try as they have multiple different packages to fit different needs. The benefit is, you’ll get a hospitality team that goes above and beyond for your satisfaction.

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