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Weddings are known to be an expensive affair. In Singapore, they typically cost between $30,000 and $50,000, though extravagant weddings can cost significantly more.

Expensive as they may be, it’s an unavoidable cost for those who want to embark on this important life chapter.

Moreover, before the wedding planning even starts — you have to first propose to your significant other. This means getting down on one knee while you present her with an engagement ring that’s ready to be slipped on her finger (once she says the much-anticipated ‘yes, I do’).

Here’s the thing, both the proposal and wedding share one common big-ticket purchase: a ring.

While there’s no hard and fast rule that the rings must have a diamond centrepiece, they typically do, especially for engagement rings.

So why exactly is a diamond considered a girl’s best friend? It is touted to be the queen of all gemstones — it sparkles like no other, and it’s also the hardest substance known to man, making it resistant to deterioration.

The bad news? They have a hefty price tag.

The good news? A lab-grown diamond is an affordable alternative.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are REAL Diamonds

Before you strike off the idea of a lab-grown diamond, let me first debunk the most common misconception about it.

Lab-grown diamonds are not “fake”.

Although they are grown in labs and not formed naturally in the Earth’s crust, lab-grown diamonds display the exact same chemical, optical and physical properties as mined diamonds.

This makes them a real diamond, which is why a lab-grown diamond will show positive results when tested with a diamond detector.

love & co. lab-grown diamond singapore
If the bar hits above 8, the stone is tested to be a true diamond / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

On the surface, lab-grown diamonds also don’t lose out to their natural counterparts. In fact, it is impossible to tell them apart with the naked eye.

They are virtually identical to each other, sharing the same sparkle, clarity and aesthetic. Only sophisticated equipment that can be found in reputable diamond grading labs would be able to distinguish a lab-grown diamond from a mined one.

love & co. lab-grown diamond singapore
Diamond comparison / Image Credit: Love & Co.

While they share many similar qualities, the only jarring (and good) difference between the two is the pricing. Lab-grown diamonds may be cheaper, but they do not compromise on quality or value in any way.

Spending Less On A Diamond Doesn’t Mean You Love Her Less

love & co. lab-grown diamond singapore
Lab-grown diamond ring versus natural diamond ring / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

When it comes to buying the ring, there’s an unwritten rule that dictates you should spend at least two or three months’ worth of salary on it.

In other words, if you are earning $4,000 a month, you should spend a minimum of $8,000 on an engagement ring. Needless to say, conforming to this rule will only bring about financial stress.

Truth be told, the origin of that rule is a marketing ploy engineered by jewelry giant De Beers to drive the sales of diamonds.

In this modern day and age, it’s important for you to remain financially savvy when making big decisions. Spend within your means instead of splurging on a diamond, because you would need to focus your savings on other practical purchases.

This is exactly why more millennials are leaning towards lab-grown diamonds — they are attracted to its realistic pricing. According to a report commissioned by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, diamond purchases from this segment of the market increase between 15 and 20 per cent annually.

Speaking to Jacky Yap, 32, who bought a lab-grown diamond last year as an engagement ring, he said that its affordability stood out the most to him.

“I first knew about lab-grown diamonds when I did my research on diamond rings. My initial thoughts were that they are more affordable, and they look identical to natural diamonds. I couldn’t tell the difference between the two at all!”

“Moreover, splurging a few months’ worth of salary on a traditional diamond ring doesn’t make much financial sense to me. Since my wife’s love language is quality time, the extra savings from the ring purchase was used for our travels and house renovation, which are more meaningful to both of us.”

love & co. lab-grown diamond singapore
Jacky’s proposal to Li Ru at Cinque Terre, Italy / Image Credit: Jacky Yap

His wife, Tan Li Ru, 29, echoed his sentiments and shared that they had both agreed to not spend a fortune on the ring.

“Spending less on a lab-grown diamond doesn’t mean that he loves me any less. What truly matters is the sentiment behind it: love.”

One-Carat Diamond Dreams Do Come True

It’s evident that you don’t need an expensive ring to convey your love. With a smaller budget, you can still afford an impressive ring like a lab-grown diamond, which has proven to be an equally precious and worthy choice for your significant other.

For that very reason, homegrown jewellery brand Love & Co. has come up with its own lab-grown diamond collection called LVC Precieux (which stands for ‘precious’ in French).

With this collection, Love & Co. wants to celebrate all things precious: your loved one, the time spent on finding the perfect ring, taking your relationship to the next level, and even an unharmed environment.

This new breed of diamonds is actually perfect for the environmental-conscious. Since it bypasses the traditional mining process, they make for an ethical and sustainable alternative to mined diamonds.

Both are diamonds of identical specifications but one costs $15,000 while the other is under $3,000 / Video Credit: Love & Co.

Beyond that, LVC Precieux diamonds also cost 50 per cent less than mined diamonds. At just a fraction of the price, couples can essentially get more bling for their buck because all their diamonds are at least one carat in size.

In other words, you can get diamonds twice as big with the same investment.

This is in line with LVC Precieux’s mantra of ‘spend less, do more’. With a lab-grown diamond, you can get a bigger carat and still afford to bring her on a romantic honeymoon. What can be more precious than that?

LVC Precieux diamonds are also certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) as an assurance of quality. According to Love & Co., their lab-grown diamonds are as pure as the top 2 per cent of the world’s mined diamonds and achieve triple excellent-cut grade.

With a combination of sustainability, value and quality, LVC Precieux undoubtedly makes for a clear-cut alternative to mined diamonds.

Your Ring, Your Story

Once you’ve decided on your choice of diamond, finding the perfect ring design is the final, challenging task.

Most women want to believe that their guy knows them so well that he’ll be able to effortlessly pick out just the ring she would have chosen herself.

So if you are worried that you won’t be able to get the ‘right’ ring, customising is truly the way to go because you’ll end up with a unique and sentimental piece that she’ll be proud to wear for a lifetime. The main idea is to design and build a ring that reflects your partner’s style and personality, while also expressing some meaning.

Love & Co.’s bespoke service, LVC Diamond Concierge, makes this process simple and seamless in just eight steps.

love & co. bespoke customisation
You can choose from the type of diamond to the colour of the band / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

You can tailor every single aspect of the ring to your personal preference, from the material, ring band, right down to the prongs position. If you’ve no idea what each of these entails, it’s perfectly fine because a dedicated sales consultant will guide you along and offer advice to help you make an informed choice.  

With these basic building blocks, the possibilities are virtually endless — you can play with different options in each step to create your dream ring from over 30,000 permutations.

love & co. singapore
Your Love & Co. ring will be encased in a beautiful crystal-like box / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Unlike customisations that require sketching or 3D rendering, Love & Co.’s bespoke service lets you physically visualise the ring as you go through the steps.

Each of the components are pieced together on the spot so you can envision how your final ring will look like instantly, eliminating any chances of unpredictability. You can explore and play with the designs till you chance upon a creation that truly speaks to you.

This bespoke service is a truly hands-on experience, and makes for a fun and fulfilling time together as a couple as the both of you express your love story through this exclusive customisation that is achievable within 60 minutes.

If you’d like to build your very own bespoke engagement ring, you can schedule an appointment at Love & Co. today.

This article is written in collaboration with Love & Co.

Featured Image Credit: Love & Co.

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