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Have you ever felt that there is too much content on the web that you hardly have enough time to follow all of it? What about discovering new content? While most of us rely on social networks to discover new content, what if there is a platform for you to find new blogs to read and at the same time follow blog updates as well as have direct conversations with bloggers on the go?

Enter Imotiv.

Formerly known as NuffnangX, Imotiv is a blog reading app that lets you organize your favorite blogs onto one single platform so you can read them on the go. The app revolves around three core features: you can use it to find blogs to read, follow blog updates, and hold conversations with bloggers.


For those who are not familiar with the who’s who in the blogosphere, the team behind Imotiv has kindly sifted through the myriad of blog content to pick out some of the best blogs within the blogosphere. The result? A comprehensive list of recommended blogs that runs the gamut from automobiles and technology to food and fashion.

Knowing that users might not spend too much time reading through all the entries of blogs they follow, Imotiv is also built with a handy feature that summarizes an entire blog’s entries into meaningful and engaging one-liners, subsequently displaying it on users’ blog feed. This way, even if you do not have time to read an entire blog entry, you are still kept updated through these one-line summaries of blog posts.

Perhaps another interesting feature built into Imotiv is its conversations. Bloggers can receive notifications on-the-go whenever someone comments on their blog posts, and users will also be notified when the former replies to their comments. This way, you do not have to scroll through pages of comments to see if the author has responded to your comment.

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Handy, and well thought out? Of course. The app was started by the same guys behind Netccentric, the parent company of Asia Pacific’s blog advertising community- Nuffnang.com. Netccentric also has a portfolio of other online products like ChurpChurp, Ripplewerkz and Jipaban.

From their extensive experience dealing with bloggers in the region, it has translated into Imotiv, a product that we will definitely keep our eyes peeled.

So yes, if you are looking around for more interesting content or blogs to stalk, Imotiv is definitely a good place to start.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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