Singapore startup Singrow's vertical farming solution is able to produce approximately 6 to 8 harvests of strawberries (1,200kg to 1,600 kg) per year.

Jae Chia  |  SG
Published 2020-09-04 12:12:41

[Editors’s Note: A previous version of the article said that Singrow’s first harvest would be in September 2020. An update from a Singrow spokesperson said that the first harvest would arrive in April 2021. Article has been amended to reflect this.]

Many have qualms about the strawberries we can find in Singapore’s supermarkets.

Common grievances include strawberries being too sour, or delicious but coming at a hefty price tag.

Since it is difficult to grow strawberries at scale in the lowland tropical climate of Southeast Asia, the ones in Singapore’s supermarkets are usually flown in from countries around the world.

Thus, they are either harvested prematurely — resulting in a mediocre taste, or expensive as they are air-flown from countries like Japan or South Korea.


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