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Going back to work after the MCO was lifted meant that most offices needed to adopt new workplace guidelines with employee safety in mind. 

For most of us, this involves going through temperature scanning and awkwardly tilting our phones until the mySejahtera QR code gets scanned every time we head into our offices.

But if you work in a big company and arrive during rush hour, you could be in line for a while waiting your turn, wasting precious time. Yes, we know all this is necessary. If someone is infected but shows no symptoms, we rely on these measures to contain the spread. 

However, the process of contact tracing can be tedious. 

With the advancement of technology coupled with improvements in AI capabilities, it only makes sense for us to rely on tech to deal with COVID-19, safely and speedily. And this is one of the services that Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP) has to offer.

Creating A New, Simplified Check-In Process

Aruba ESP empowers your business by equipping your workplace with advanced tools for contact and location tracing, contactless visitor management and heat mapping for a safer work environment.

Example: If a visitor arrived and passed through the check-in process and was later found out to be infected, the PIC can utilise ‘Proximity Tracing’ to run a simple query based on a username or MAC address to see who has come into contact with the infected visitor.

How Aruba ESP utilises Wi-Fi to contact trace / Image Credit: Aruba

By using Wi-Fi and location services built into the office network, Aruba can inform the PIC and they can then take relevant actions as they have access to who or where the employees are, and this allows quicker action.

Using the same detection tool, Aruba ESP could also check for hotspots and heat mapping, informing the PIC of locations that have the most foot traffic so they can organise frequent sanitations.

All of these are managed through a single platform, Aruba Central. Deploying Aruba ESP in the workplace is easy too. The company can just install the devices in their offices without drilling or breaking walls.

But, the Aruba ESP ecosystem doesn’t just handle contact tracing. It can also act as a solution to equip and connect your employees who are working from home with each other and also the teams that may still be in the office on rotation.

Giving Secure Access To Important Documents For WFH Employees

When working remotely, higher-level employees often have to exchange, sign, or authorise important documents. If the documents are not encrypted or sent securely, they could be intercepted by malicious parties. And that could cause irreversible damage to the company.

Through Aruba Central, you can supply your employees with Aruba Remote Access Points (RAPs), which acts like a VPN router for them to access files stored in the office server, all the way from home.

Note: The RAPs are physical devices that the employees take home with them. And this allows them to remotely access encrypted company documents.

Image Credit: Aruba

Even if you have non-tech-savvy employees, you can also set up Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) which just means that your in-house IT team can take over and set it up instead. 

Through Zero Trust Security and other cloud management tools under Aruba ESP, the IT team can also manage and troubleshoot an employee’s network remotely too.

Note: Aruba ran a webinar to showcase how using Aruba ESP can create a safer work environment in the new norm. If you missed it, you can register with the form below to receive a toolkit (which contains info, recording and research notes shared during the webinar).

Bridging The Gap Between Hybrid Workplaces

With no known cure for the COVID-19 virus (so far), we’ve accepted that this new norm will be the way we go about our lives for a while. That said, Aruba believes that companies can still utilise technology to their advantage.

At this rate, workplaces will probably adopt more IoT-enabled devices, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth into their business in the near future. Aruba ESP has open APIs and AI-curated data, which allows companies to tweak and change processes to match their businesses.

Aruba is also working with well-known partners such as Herman Miller and Gensler to develop smart working spaces that are socially distancing-friendly.

In a study by Aruba, 74% of organisations all over the world were affected by the pandemic. So if they were to adapt to what is the new normal, they’ll have to look for new and safer approaches for the employees whether they’re working from home or in the office.

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Aruba Edge Services Platform: Solving Hybrid Workplace

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