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Postknight 2 is now open for early access on Google Play, starting March 23. For context, Postknight is a mobile RPG fantasy game by Kurechii, a Malaysian studio.

Its first version was the only Malaysian game that made it onto Google Play’s list of Best Games of 2017. Postknight has also won the Grand Prix International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) SEA and was listed in the Android Excellence list for Fall 2017.

Early access for its sequel will feature most of the core gameplay mechanics and content, and new features will be added over time. Kurechii shared that they’ll be relying on the game’s early adopters for feedback. 

Life As A Postknight

Your task as a Postknight is to deliver packages of any kind, from letters to smelly socks. Think of your character as a Lalamove rider perhaps, but instead of police roadblocks, you’re being attacked by adorable charging wolves. 

To fight your enemies, you’ve got 3 skills: Attack, Defend, and Recover. They can be used multiple times throughout your 10 to 20-second missions, but all require a recharging period, which is where strategy comes in.

The further you progress, the harder the enemies to defeat / Image Credit: Postknight 2

In early access for Postknight 2, you’ll play the game as usual, beginning as an inexperienced Postknight Trainee. Through deliveries across the land, you’ll meet other characters with different backgrounds.

You may develop lasting relationships with some characters which, just like in real life, require effort. To do so, you can trade gifts or simply drop by for a daily visit. For more details on Postknight’s core gameplay, you can read our previous review here.

A Whole New World

Image Credit: Postknight 2

Postknight 2 is a full standalone sequel to Postknight, not an expansion or DLC (additional downloadable content) for the original. So even if you’ve never tried the first version, you won’t be missing out on anything; if you have, it just means you have lots more to explore now.

Its team stated, “Postknight 2 is set 7 years after the events of the original Postknight. Many locales have changed, new items have appeared, and the Postknight organisation is bigger than it has ever been. Expect to see some returning characters older and more accomplished, and expect to meet entirely new characters!”

In Postknight 2, you’ll be immersed in a new world, Prism. It’s full of many different races and creatures, each with their own unique story to tell. 

New features will also allow players to customise a characters’ looks, choose new weapons, and create new food items, the latter of which can give you passive bonuses in battle, and can be traded as gifts. Another new addition is Potion Crafting, where you can create a blend that will help in your recovery during missions, specific to your play style.

Over time, more features will be added to Postknight 2 including Pets, Achievements, and Social Interactions, amongst others. Kurechii told Vulcan Post that they’re currently still in discussion on how these features will function.

For A Better World (In The Game)

You’ll meet some interesting characters along the way / Image Credit: Postknight

Kurechii’s devs want to build a better, more personalised game for players to immerse themselves in. This is why they are publicly listening to feedback, which you can provide by clicking the on-screen question mark icon that remains throughout the gameplay.

Existing bugs you may find in the early access include loading screens getting stuck when entering/exiting battles, UI sizing issues, armoury appearing wrongly when switching equipment, and occasional crashes throughout gameplay. At least, these are known problems that Kurechii has found and transparently listed so you can be aware of them when testing the game.

Bugs aside, it’s highly recommended to play Postknight 2 on a device with at least 2GB RAM for an optimal experience. If you’re keen on giving Postknight 2 a try, its early access is now available on Google Play for Android.

Apple’s App Store does not have an early access mechanic, hence Postknight 2’s absence on the platform. However, interested players can still reach out to Kurechii to join Postknight 2’s iOS early access through a test flight invitation.

Editor’s Note: Information in the above paragraph has been edited to reflect better factual accuracy.

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