Azhar Aziz  |  Singapore
Published 2014-04-10 14:30:01

If you are a regular Carousell user, you would have noticed the emergence of 7-11 and Giant stickers on the mobile platform. You would also know that these collaterals are part of the retailers’ item redemption programmes.

For those unfamiliar with Carousell, the mobile app provides its users a simple and easy way to sell your products. Other than allowing you to list your products you want to sell, you can also beautify your products with preloaded photo filters, pretty much like Instagram. Carousell also allows you to curate and personalize your own browsing experience by following people of the same tastes and interest.

Several Carousell users have started to sell the stickers on the mobile consumer marketplace. The price for the 7-11 stickers could easily fetch up to S$5 for a set of three or S$1 each for instance.


One seller by the name of ‘sparkling-hearts‘ has even listed her  7-11 stickers for S$5 a pair about a week ago. Till date, there are about six sellers listing the 7-11 stickers.

In the 7-11 promotion, patrons will have to collect at least eight stamps to obtain the Marvel or Avengers figurine, with a top-up of S$3.90 only. Each stamp can only be handed out upon a S$3 purchase and customers are entitled to have double the number of stamps after buying selected goods such as the Big Gulp. Collection of figurines are available until 13 May this year.


Other than 7-11, Giant’s cutlery redemption programme has also spurred several Carousell users to list its stickers online. Prices vary from $0.20 to $0.25 a piece (maybe even lower after negotiating) but one user by the name of ‘mirah.rahmat’ is offering them for free. There are about seven sellers listing the Giant stickers as of now.

For the Giant promotion, patrons will have to collect eight stamps to obtain a Schulte-Ufer cutlery set, with a minimum top-up of S$5.90.  To receive one stamp, customers need to spend at least S$10 in a single receipt. The promotion ends on 1 May this year.


That’s not all though: a quick check by Vulcan Post shows that more than 20 Carousell users are also selling their redeemed Marvel and Disney figurines. A profile by the name of ‘mastermind’ is currently listing the complete set of  eight figurines for a  price-tag of S$150.

A bit of an overkill, but nothing compared to the Hello Kitty craze which strikes Singapore once annually.

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