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When the news that famed electric car brand Tesla was finally arriving in Singapore, it’s safe to say that fans of Elon Musk and electric cars were beside themselves.

In just about two months since Tesla entered the market at the end of July, it has risen to be the leading electric vehicle (EV) in Singapore and it is named the sixth best-selling car brand in Singapore.

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Image Credit: @darenyoong via Twitter

To shed some perspective on its sales, Tesla has sold a total of 314 cars in September — this is twice the number of cars sold as compared to August. In total, there are a total of 558 Teslas hitting our Singapore roads today.

This number trails behind popular gasoline and diesel brands such as Toyota and Hyundai. In contrast, Toyota sold 231 “petrol” vehicles, 1 “diesel” and 546 “others” vehicles in September, according to figures published on the Land Transport Authority‘s website. 

Also, it should be known that the only available model in Singapore is Tesla’s Model 3, which is their most affordable model. Given its popularity on a single model, this spells intense competition for other car brands in Singapore.

There’s a growing interest in EVs in Singapore

Tesla Singapore charging station
Image Credit: Tesla Owners Singapore

As we know, the entry of Tesla into the Singapore’s market was marked by years of uncertainties and difficult relationships. Seeing the warm reception people have towards Tesla and EVs by large, it seems like changes are afoot for Singapore’s automotive market.

After all, there has been moves by the city-state to support the growing number of EV users. Tesla has already set up two Supercharger Stations in Singapore, one in Orchard Central and another Millenia Walk.

The Tesla V3 Supercharger, which is exclusive for Tesla owners, is expected to shorten EVs’ charging time to just 15 minutes, while normal chargers typically take several hours for a full charge.

While there is still some debate and hesitation in getting an EV, it seems like the environmental benefits and long-term cost efficiency do outweigh the initial price of the car. Plus, with Singapore looking to phase out internal combustion engine (ICE) cars by 2040, it’s time for us to get onboard the EV revolution.

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Featured Image Credit: Tesla Owners Singapore

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