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Much like investing in stocks and options, crypto investing can be a rather daunting task. This is mostly because of the amount of research you need to do to ensure that you’re making the right investment decisions.

For those who are interested but have no prior or extensive knowledge in the practice though, Matrixport is a crypto investment platform that can provide a starting point. 

Here are 5 ways that this platform has simplified the crypto investing process.

Disclaimer: This content is written based on the team’s opinion and research, do not take this article as financial advice. Before making any key financial decisions, please ensure that you perform the necessary due diligence.

1. Easy-to-navigate user interface

Starting off with the user interface, Matrixport comes with 2 dashboards, namely the Lite and the Pro.

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Lite, similar to its namesake, has a simple layout that shows a few key products that you might need to use like Fixed income offers, Advance Investment services, and more. You can also deposit crypto or purchase USDC directly from this screen.

From that dashboard, you can trade your tokens for various cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin as well.

Meanwhile, the Pro version has more features available for investors, such as Flexi Saving, Fixed Income, DeFi, Dual-Currency, Smart Trend, to name a few.

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Switching over to the Pro mode, you will have access to features like the DeFi Smart Pool liquidity mining where you lend your cryptocurrencies to the platform to be used at loans to fund third-party mining projects.

By doing so, you could get returns in the form of interest too.

2. Provides flexible earning strategies

Another way to start earning from Matrixport is by using the Dual Currency investing feature that lets you invest in different crypto assets based on the relative differences between them. You can choose the cryptocurrency you prefer to be paid in.

Before committing to a decision, you can always check the app to learn the risk and potential returns.

3. Automatically suggests ideal investing moments

One of the biggest fears beginners have is not knowing when the right moment to invest is.

Thus, the Matrixport platform has a BTC-U Range Sniper feature that automatically purchases Bitcoin at the lowest possible price using USDC.

Dictionary Time: Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that attempt to peg their market value to some external reference.

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With it, users can earn from 6% up to 200% in terms of percentage yield. It’s a feature that short-term, high-risk investors might like.

4. Provides incentives to welcome new users into the crypto world

To give users an easier start on Matrixport, the team is offering incentives that will help kickstart the crypto investing journey.

By the way: New users that sign up on the Matrixport platform using this referral link will be given 1288 USDC as well as a 30% annual percentage yield (APY) on Fixed Income products.

New users that purchase fixed income products with 30% APY will also be given a US$20 rebate.

With all that said, Matrixport is not a licensed platform in Malaysia and some of the coins being offered are limited. However, it is currently the most active in the region with a US$5 billion monthly trading volume.

Plus, behind the platform are John Ge and Jihan Wu, co-founders of the world’s largest supplier of crypto mining equipment and chips known as Bitmain.

To learn more about Matrixport and how it works, you can watch our video about it here:

  • Learn more about Matrixport here.
  • Learn more about cryptocurrencies here.

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