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More Malaysian businesses are embracing hybrid working environments, with some even opting to fully forgo their office because of several key factors. These include the expensive rent, and the appeal of being able to work from any location, for example.

While hybrid working gives employees the freedom to pick where they would like to work, the transition raised a few issues that were not as common compared to working exclusively at the office.

For example, in Indonesia, 40% of staff members were interacting with their co-workers a lot less due to the lack of a solid and reliable communication platform. This not only hindered innovation in companies, but affected employee productivity too.

Various platforms have since been built to tackle specific issues, and all-in-one platforms consolidating multiple functions are becoming more commonplace too.

One such example is Axdif that caters to remote working companies, developed by Elabram, a company that specialises in recruitment and HR.

Here are some of the platform’s highlighted features.

1. A dashboard that’s accessible anywhere

Left: Axdif webapp’s dashboard / Right: Axdif mobile app dashboard

First and foremost, the most crucial function that Axdif provides is the ease of accessibility from multiple locations, matching the nature of hybrid working environments. Employees and administrators can access the HR management platform from anywhere and on any computer.

In addition to that, Axdif offers a mobile app with most of the same features, and it’s available on the Google Play Store, Apple AppStore, or Huawei’s App Gallery for those who prefer working on their smartphones and tablets.

2. Hassle-free clock in and out system 

Since Axdif’s dashboard is accessible from any location, employees using it can easily clock in and out.

On top of that, it takes advantage of GPS to ensure that the clock-ins are not fraudulent, which is one of the main concerns for companies that are transitioning to a fully remote or hybrid working environment.

Other than that, the HR admins can easily import or export the attendance report for auditing, and make tweaks to each employee’s shifts to avoid clashes in companies with team rotations.

3. Easy leave approval and monitoring

Besides making the clock-in process more convenient, the process to apply for leaves has been streamlined too on Axdif.

On the application page, it shows at a glance how many remaining leaves the employee has without needing to contact the HR department each time.

When it comes to teams working remotely, it’s also sometimes difficult to tell whether your co-worker is on leave. Thus, the dashboard has an integrated calendar, which shows not only holidays and birthdays, but also the leaves of all employees.

By knowing ahead of time who’s available and who’s not, managers have an easier time distributing tasks among a remote team.

4. Transparent task management & progression

Beyond benefitting managers, Axdif allows employees to keep track of their own tasks too. Since it’s harder to tell who’s working on which task if every employee is using their own scheduling system, Axdif provides a unified task dashboard.

This information gives everyone a clear view of what task is currently being worked on, and by who, for tracking progress, and avoiding clashes in workload.

Also, it gives HR departments a bird’s eye view of employee activities to help them determine whether an employee is being overworked or underperforming. 

5. Trackable overtime requisition

Working overtime is something that’s becoming increasingly common among remote workers as of late. Because of that, the platform also helps employers keep track of and compensate employees for working overtime.

To do so, employees can send an overtime requisition form to the approver that includes information like how long they have worked overtime for, and why. The approver can then review the request and decide whether to approve or have it reviewed by another administrator to ensure that the request is justified.

Should there be any discrepancies, the HR department can easily cross-check with the employee’s attendance records and other approvers to see whether they’re eligible for overtime compensation.

6. Convenient file sharing and communication

There is also a chat feature that facilitates communication and enables teammates to send necessary files to one another when working on a project.

Axdif offers unlimited cloud storage with a maximum of 5MB per file. This can be useful to avoid disruptions in work, especially when employees need to work from a new or different device. 

7. Streamlined claims processing

Although some companies have already switched to filing claims digitally, the process of doing so is quite rudimentary, and usually involves sending an email with a bunch of receipts attached to the HR department.

Much like requesting for leaves, Axdif also makes filing claims more efficient as all you need to do is attach the digital receipts and a description of your expenditure. In fact, it’s even possible to file your claims while on the go with just the mobile app, which further streamlines the entire process.

Since the claims are filed under the employee’s Axdif account, the HR department has a much easier time sorting and approving claims from each employee. A report can be downloaded for auditing purposes too.


Having to utilise multiple platforms to access different functions not only disrupts a company’s productivity and efficiency but could also lead to increased costs.

Thus, for companies that have a need for all of the above functions, and more, subscribing to an all-in-one platform like Axdif’s makes sense.

If you’d like to speak to an Axdif representative to find out what pricing plan fits your team best, you can contact them by emailing sales@axdif.com.

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