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Google announced today (July 21) the launch of Google Wallet in Singapore, which is a standalone app that complements its existing Google Pay app.

First unveiled at Google I/O earlier this year, Google Wallet offers a unique digitised wallet for both Android and Wear OS, allowing users to access their essential documents seamlessly. 

While Google Pay is a payment-centric app, Google Wallet takes the form of a secure digital credential store that saves digitised documents users would otherwise carry in a physical wallet.

According to Google, there has been a rapid increase in the digitisation of essentials that are carried in physical wallets. Google Wallet was thus launched as a core part of the Android experience to provide fast access to a growing suite of digital items that exists in physical wallets today.

Complementing Google Pay

With both Google Pay and Google Wallet being used in conjunction, users can expect a more convenient contactless payment process through Tap & Pay using saved payment cards on both Google Pay and Google Wallet. Essentially, users can tap to pay anywhere Google Pay is accepted.

Google Pay and Google Wallet
Google Pay and Google Wallet/ Image credit: Google

Since Google Pay in Singapore is a payments-centric app that contains added features to help users make funds transfer, as well as save and manage money, the Google Wallet app is launched as an optional complement to the Google Pay app. 

Comparing this to other countries that use Google Pay, the Google Pay app essentially becomes a user’s Google Wallet to extend its use as a wallet for their passes, tickets and payments. 

Users can also be assured of privacy and security even as the wallet is used across the world. Granular settings include Android’s security features such as authentication, biometrics and encryption. 

When users tap to pay with their Android phone, Google Pay does not share real credit card numbers with the business, keeping payment information private and safe. 

What documents can you access through Google Wallet?

Currently, Google Wallet can store documents such as flight tickets from national carrier Singapore Airlines, allowing users to keep up with changes to departure times much more conveniently through updates from Google.

Access flight tickets via Google Wallet
Access flight tickets via Google Wallet/ Image credit: Google

Getting around with Google Wallet is made easier as users can also carry metro cards and bus passes, on their phones. In Singapore, users can tap and pay with their credit or debit card if that’s enabled.

In other markets, an added benefit is that these transit cards stored in Google Wallet can be loaded directly onto Google Maps, enabling users to keep their transit card balance in check. 

In fact, digital car keys can also be stored, and the user’s car can be unlocked just by holding the phone to the car handle. At the moment, digital car keys are available for select BMW models, but users can expect to see more car models to come at a later date.

Loyalty and gift cards are also made accessible via Google Wallet, allowing users to easily keep track of offers and chances to save. With these cards all in one place, users can expect an easier tracking system.

Other documents that can be conveniently accessed via Google Wallet include vaccination certificates, event tickets, and e-cards from partners like Watsons and the National Library Board (NLB). 

In the near future, Google Wallet plans to support other essentials such as mobile driver’s licence, hotel keys and office badges. 

Featured Image Credit: Android Central

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