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[This is a sponsored article with IPC Shopping Centre.]

For me, a trip to IKEA Damansara (IKEA) is synonymous with walking around The Curve and IPC Shopping Centre (IPC).

Unlike me, some of my workaholic peers don’t enjoy this activity, preferring to hide away somewhere to work instead.

Young professionals who appreciate a quiet, private space reminiscent of a home away from home might find IPC’s new coworking space beneficial.It’s called Träffas Work Pods (Träffas), located at IPC’s Level 1 Link Bridge that connects to The Curve. Here’s what you’ll find inside.

Entering IPC’s Level 1 Link Bridge

Inside the flexible, cosy workspaces

Träffas can be used as a private workspace for those on the go

For instance, you could use the space to entertain a work call in between errands, or clear up tasks that require more focus.

Inside the four pax room on the left, two pax room on the right

Choose from five different pods, colour coded and named after different Swedish words:

  • Pod A: Blomma (Flower) — up to six pax;
  • Pod B: Vind (Wind) — up to six pax;
  • Pod C: Lov (Leaves) — up to four pax;
  • Pod D: Solig (Sunny) — up to two pax;
  • Pod E: Vatten (Water) — up to two pax.

Träffas work pods are equipped with IKEA furniture, providing a sleek, Scandinavian aesthetic. The number of tables and chairs in each room are dependent on the number of pax they can house. The same can be said about the plug points available.

Inside the six pax rooms

With all the soft furnishings inside the rooms, chatter with colleagues or on phone calls isn’t echoey. 

Furthermore, the walls of the pods are internally lined with recycled paper egg cartons, which helps with soundproofing, and painted with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) coatings that are not harmful to the environment and humans.

Träffas has sensibly added two clothes hangers per pod to hang up bags, jackets, and other items, keeping clutter away from the tables and floor.

Each pod has clothes hangers for your bags, and an intercom machine in case of emergencies

Every room comes with windows looking out at IPC’s Link Bridge, and the outside where natural light floods in (there are blinds to pull down if it gets too glaring). A small fan is also equipped in the room for additional breeze.

The view you get from the pods

WiFi is available too. Users can get a unique OTP from the IPC app (downloadable on the App Store or Google Play), used to log in when connecting to #WIFI@IPC. 

It’s worth highlighting that the OTP refreshes every three hours. For those who require WiFi for an extended time, you can log in again with a new OTP.

Screenshots of getting the WiFi OTP from IPC’s app

In case of emergencies, there are intercom systems in each work pod that contacts IPC’s front desk for assistance. 

At the common areas along Träffas, you’ll find potted plants for greenery, benches to rest, and recycle bins for waste.

Recycle bins for your waste

The Träffas team told Vulcan Post that vending and coffee machines will be added soon, for the ease of users. 

Water can be refilled from the dispensers available at IPC’s family rooms around the mall. Food-wise, Träffas allows users to bring in their light snacks or meals.

Contactless digital check-ins and outs

Träffas has implemented digital methods for all bookings and payments, as well as the locking and unlocking of the work pods.Bookings and payments can be made through soulmates.my, or via IPC’s app.

The process of booking a work pod from soulmates.my

Here, you can choose your booking type between:

  • One-off;
  • Daily recurring;
  • Weekly recurring.

For one-off bookings, the minimum amount of time you can book a room is one hour, while the maximum time is for the whole day (10AM to 8.30PM every day).

When checking in and out, you’ll be given a unique numerical password to unlock the smart-lock doors two hours before your scheduled time of using the work pod. This PIN will only be activated 10 minutes before your actual booking time, and resets once your time is up.The door automatically locks behind you once shut.

A smart lock for the doors, and a timer counting down your scheduled booking

To help users keep track of their time, there is a countdown timer that lets out a subtle beep as a five-minute warning. 

Otherwise, a cleaner scheduled to sanitise the rooms will also inform those who’ve not left the pods to make way for the next user.

Pay by the hour

Träffas’ work pods are charged by the hour.

Pod A: Blomma (Flower) Six paxRM30/hour
Pod B: Vind (Wind) Six paxRM30/hour
Pod C: Lov (Leaves)Four paxRM20/hour
Pod D: Solig (Sunny) Two paxRM20/hour
Pod E: Vatten (Water)Two paxRM20/hour

It’s worth noting that there is a cleaning fee of RM10 charged on all bookings, to keep Träffas safe and clean for all users.In conjunction with Träffas’ recent launch, shoppers can rent the pods with an RM10 discounted fee per hour throughout October and November 2022.

Barring malls that house outsourced coworking space brands, it can be said that IPC is the first mall in Malaysia to launch its own coworking space.

All things considered, Träffas makes for a useful and practical option for entrepreneurs, small businesses, hybrid workers, and students alike to have a private workspace at the mall. 

  • Book a workspace at IPC Träffas Work Pods here.
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All image credits: Vulcan Post

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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