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Singapore-based ride-hailing company TADA Mobility launched today (November 10) its new TADA Station at Midview City.

The TADA Station acts as a one-stop drivers’ centre that serves as a key touch point for Point-to-Point (P2P) drivers and stakeholders to fulfil their various needs, such as onboarding onto the TADA platform, EV charging, sourcing vehicle rentals, and singing up for the drivers’ associations.

The launch of the station serves as a means to provide more options for TADA’s drivers and improve their livelihoods.

TADA ramps up EV efforts to support its sustainability agenda

The station is also equipped with a 30kW DC Fast EV charging point that comes with a “tap and go” solution. The charger allows any EV owner to utilise it without going through an EV charging mobile app.

tada station ev charging
EV charging point at TADA Station / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

As the TADA Station aims to foster a TADA community, EV drivers can rest at a lounge area, and grab a complementary coffee, tea, or water at the station. TADA riders can also enjoy these amenities at the TADA Station.

“Riders can enjoy a cup of coffee, read newspapers, and just destress [at the station],” said Kay Woo, the founder and CEO of TADA.

He added that the establishment of TADA station is a small but significant part in promoting a wider and greener ecosystem in line with the Singapore Green Plan.

This station is symbolic of our efforts to help kickstart the adoption of EVs by transiting drivers from their internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, and the provision of a charging point here is a small step to that end. We hope to work with the relevant parties to establish more charging points in Midview City and in future, in other parts of Singapore as well.

– Kay Woo, founder and CEO of TADA
amy khor tada station
Dr Amy Khor, the Senior Minister of State for Transport and Senior Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment, trying out the iONTADA feature on the TADA app / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

In conjunction with the centre’s opening, TADA also launched a greener booking option, iONTADA, on its ride-hailing app. This new option allows riders to book cleaner vehicles, comprising EVs and hybrid vehicles, at no extra cost as part of the company’s commitment towards creating a greener ecosystem in Singapore.

According to the company, electric cars generate 50 per cent less carbon emissions than ICE cars.

To facilitate the adoption of EVs, TADA will be partnering with fleet operators in an effort to provide private-hire car drivers with more options and support their transition from ICE to EV.

Creating a greener ecosystem beyond Singapore

Beyond Singapore, TADA aims to create a clean and sustainable mobility eco-system.

In Cambodia, ONiON — a business that operates under the parent company of TADA — manufactures EV tuk tuks (three wheelers) that are battery-powered and swappable. While these tuk tuks help the environment, they reduce the running costs for drivers by 20 to 40 per cent.

Image Credit: ONiON

Instead of charging batteries for three to four hours, drivers of the EV tuk tuks can swap discharged batteries for a fully charged battery in under five minutes, eliminating range anxiety.

We hope that iONTADA will achieve a similar ripple effect: one rider booking a clean vehicle may not move the needle much. But 20,000 riders doing so on a daily basis not only gives Mother Earth a better fighting chance, more importantly, it reflects a mindset change that is critical for going green.

– Kay Woo, founder and CEO of TADA
Kay Woo, the founder and CEO of TADA
Kay Woo, the founder and CEO of TADA / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Apart from that, ONiON is planning to manufacture its own e-motorcycle in 2023, to be rolled out first in Cambodia, and progressively in other parts of Southeast Asia.

“We are hopeful that we can bring them here to Singapore to benefit motorcyclists, if the condition permits,” said Kay Woo.

In the past two years, TADA has more than doubled its active driver base and significantly grew its ride-hail booking market share.

Currently, TADA has about 200,000 drivers registered across its Southeast Asian markets — Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam. Beyond these markets, the company plans to expand into Thailand next year.

Featured Image Credit: TADA

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