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Gorilla Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) based in Singapore. It is a relatively new player in the Singaporean telecommunications market, having launched in June 2021.

However, it announced today (Jan 18) that it will be discontinuing its local mobile plans with effect from 31 January 2023. Additionally, all GO tokens and switchback features will be put to a halt.

“Gorilla Mobile has decided to construct a major overhaul on our current business model to enhance a greater service for our subscribers. Please look out for our email on the next course of actions,” said the company in a statement that was posted on all its social media accounts.

Society Pass, which acquired the MVNO in June 2022, advised its customers to migrate to another provider to maintain uninterrupted service as it makes technical improvements to the Gorilla.Global platform.

The company said that it will provide all necessary support to help customers migrate their accounts seamlessly. It apologised for any inconvenience caused, but stressed that the enhanced product experience and better service will ultimately benefit its users in the future.

“We are revamping our tech architecture and user experience in order to provide a better quality product to our customers in Singapore. … Gorilla 2.0 will retain its original features, which will be re-introduced in phases and plans to continue to operate in the local mobile plan category of services in the future,” said Society Pass.

The company added that they are looking to introduce a new E-SIM service at the end of the first quarter of 2023.

In addition, they are planning to expand Gorilla.Global operations across Southeast Asia, specifically in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, to complement its other ventures and provide further value to customers.

Lets you convert unused mobile data into digital tokens

At launch, Gorilla Mobile’s founder and CEO Xanne Leo expressed that she hopes to revolutionise the telco industry with Singapore’s first service-on-demand model and unique SwitchBack feature.

Adopting a similar model to Netflix, Gorilla Mobile offers a fair and modular way of using and paying for mobile services by allowing users to pay only for what they use.

gorilla mobile switchback
Image Credit: Gorilla Mobille

GorillaGo’s signature feature is the blockchain-powered SwitchBack, which allows users to convert unused mobile data into digital tokens known as GorillaGo tokens, powered by Ethereum.

These tokens, which have no expiration date, can be used to offset future bills, redeem other mobile services, or be shared with others, including those who are overseas.

By tokenising mobile data into a digital currency, users can easily share, transfer, and trade their mobile data with their family and friends who use different telcos in different countries.

Gorilla has since secured partnerships with global data providers and caters to 160 countries providing global roaming data services.

Featured Image Credit: Gorilla Mobile

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