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Singapore-based startup Try Leh is revolutionising the way consumers can try and discover new products.

They have recently launched free sample vending machines in five mall locations around the island, allowing brands to showcase up to 12 items for each unit. The vending machines, or kiosks, are designed to be easy to use and understand, making it simple for consumers to redeem samples of items that interest them.

To take advantage of this innovative concept, consumers simply need to create an account online, which will give them weekly credit to be used at Try Leh kiosks. These credits can be used to redeem samples of a wide range of products, including beauty products, pet food, and vouchers for services.

How to redeem samples via Try Leh

Once a consumer has created an account, they are given sample credits which they can use to select the samples they want on the Try Leh website.

Try Leh has made redemption easy with their no-typing redemption process. After registration, consumers are sent a QR code via WhatsApp. This QR code is scanned at the kiosk, and the sample is then dispensed.

To ensure fair usage and prevent abuse, Try Leh has implemented a redemption limit of one product/brand per campaign and a maximum of two samples per week.

When consumers sign up, they are given two coins, which they can use to redeem samples. Currently, one coin is equal to one sample.

They will receive an additional two coins every Sunday as long as they are subscribed to the program, allowing them to redeem more samples. However, the coins cannot be carried forward to the next week and must be used before the next Sunday.

Sample stock availability is updated online so that consumers can see if the sample they are trying to redeem is available and in stock before they go to the physical kiosk to redeem it.

Adopting the ‘tryvertising’ model

Image Credit: Try Leh

Try Leh’s innovative concept is a win-win for both consumers and brands.

Consumers get to try new products without any financial commitment, while brands get to showcase their products to a wider audience. This concept also helps to reduce waste, as brands do not have to produce full-size products that may not sell.

This is also a new concept in product promotion called “tryvertising”. The hybrid approach combines marketing communication, advertising and product promotion, and offers the added benefit of reaching end users directly.

This is a departure from traditional viral campaigns where an influencer or celebrity tries a product and shares their experience with their followers.

By allowing end users to directly engage with the product, Try Leh’s vending machines give brands the opportunity to receive direct and authentic feedback from consumers. This not only generates word-of-mouth, but also allows brands to understand the user’s perspective on what improvements need to be made to the product.

“Our goal is to work with the most user-conscious and generous brands in Singapore to help them reach the right consumers with a tangible sample that speaks to the quality of these brands. We’ve worked very hard to make our kiosks easy to use for all age groups and to make the whole process enjoyable for consumers,” said Li Ling, Business Development Manager of Try Leh.

Try Leh’s vending machines offer more than just free sampling. The company also provides consolidated packages that allow brands to reach customers naturally, without sounding imposing. WhatsApp marketing is also included in the Try Leh package for advertisers and leverages the company’s core strength in SMS marketing.

To cater to service-based brands and those with products that might not physically fit the size of a vending machine, Try Leh has launched a virtual vending machine in December 2022.

Users are able to redeem e-vouchers through the virtual vending machine with instructions on how to redeem the e-voucher. This eliminates the limitations of a physical kiosk as merchants and businesses can now make free samples possible for any kind of product and service, such as a free haircut or a beverage.

Since the merchant chooses the location for redeeming the sample, the possibilities are endless. Try Leh’s innovative approach in product promotion is set to change the way consumers discover new products and how brands reach their target audience.

Featured Image Credit: Working with Grace / GirlStyle

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