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Homegrown maritime electrification technology start-up Pyxis launched Singapore’s first fully electric workboat, the X Tron, on March 27.

With the launch, the start-up aims to provide port and ship workers who shuttle between mainland Singapore and ships anchored in the Republic’s waters with quieter, cleaner and greener rides over the sea.

The X Tron measures 14.8m in length and can ferry up to 12 passengers and a crew of two—similar to conventional diesel equivalents. Its range is up to 50 nautical miles, which is enough for two round trips from its operational base, Marina South Pier, and its surrounding anchorages.

The vessel utilises the same charging port electric vehicles. With a high-speed 150 kW charger, it takes about two and a half hours for it to get to full charge. One such charger will be located at Marina South Pier as part of a trial to be conducted by Pyxis and SP Mobility in April.

Pyxis took 11 months to manufacture X Tron and hopes to eventually get this down to six months in the future.

Pyxis aims to launch more than 100 electric vessels by 2030

Marina South Pier
Marina South Pier/ Image Credit: Flikr

X Tron is the first in a series of electric port passenger vessels made by Pyxis called Pyxis One. The start-up has two other product lines in the works, including the Pyxis R, an electric river boat that can accommodate 50 passengers designed to be used for sightseeing tours on the Singapore River, and the Pyxis L, a more luxurious variant of Pyxis R.

Vessels in the Pyxis One product line, including the X Tron, are expected to save up to 120kg of carbon emissions per hour compared to equivalent diesel vessels.

Including the X Tron, Pyxis now has a total of 13 vessels on its order book. The company aims to deliver all of them by 2026. The start-up’s larger goal is to launch more than 100 electric vessels across the Asia-Pacific region by 2030, it added.

“As frontrunners in the coastal maritime sector, we aim to propel the beginning of a new era in Singapore’s maritime industry by making electrification accessible to all,” said Tommy Phun, Pyxis’ Founder and CEO.

“Pyxis is founded for the industry, by the industry”

Tommy Phun, Founder and CEO, Pyxis/ Image Credit: Pyxis

Founded by seasoned industry experts in 2022, Pyxis aims to spearhead the transition to a sustainable, greener and more efficient maritime future in both local and regional ports. In Singapore waters alone, an estimated 1,600 harbour crafts are ready to be electrified.

Earlier in February, the company secured S$4.5 million in a seed funding round co-led by Motion Ventures and Shift4Good. Other participants of the fundraise include Seeds Capital, MarImpact, ShipsFocus, Tian San Shipping, Kim Ann Investments, and LCC Resources.

Alongside Pyxis’ electric port passenger vessels, the company also aims to usher automation and digital transformation in the maritime industry through its digital platform, Electra—an all-in-one platform for fleet management, electric charging, route optimisation, predictive maintenance, and emissions reduction tracking.

Pyxis is founded for the industry, by the industry. It is our strong network, industry expertise, and proprietary technology that allows Pyxis to focus on data-driven designs and optimisations in expanding beyond Singapore to sister ports in the APAC region.

Our team of industry experts is immersed in the intricate workings of the coastal maritime landscape and is united by a shared vision to overcome the sector’s demands and challenges.

– Tommy Phun, Founder and CEO, Pyxis

Featured Image Credit: Pyxis

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