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Hark now, can you hear the Christmas bells ringing just a distance away? Yes, Christmas is arriving soon, and to herald this universally beloved festival without a hitch, we highly recommend these Christmas-centric tools to enjoyably get you through the lovely season.

From planning Christmas gatherings to organising gift lists for yourself and your loved ones, or simply to lighten your days with a little frivolous Christmassy fun, check out our apps list stat. Don’t say we didn’t warn you first that our awesome list will get your Christmas blinkers on; and shift you to full gear in charging on towards Christmas!

1. Christmas Planner

Christmas Planner App

One of those ultimate, all-encompassing apps which we do concur should be the first to be uploaded onto your phone, this seriously solid Christmas Planner (available for just a nominal $0.99!) lets you go all out in embracing Christmas. From preparing Christmas goodies for delightful feasts to scheduling your gift shopping sprees and managing your expenses, this tool is divinely a godsend in the flurry of all that Christmas cheer and traditional preparations!

2. Gift Professor

Christmas Gift Professor App

If purchasing the perfect gift for others is more a bane than a breeze for you, this ‘Santa’s helper’ app could reduce the time and effort that come with planning gift ideas for loved ones.

The Gift Professor app raises a number of questions to then efficiently determine for you suitable gifts for your intended recipient. In addition, the app is linked up with a couple of thousands of merchants to realistically serve up actual gift ideas.

3. Keep your gift lists in tip-top condition

Image Credit: http://maryslittleblog.files.wordpress.com
Image Credit: http://maryslittleblog.files.wordpress.com

Keep your finger on the pulse with tracking your numerous festive gifts. Apps like Santa’s Bag and Christmas List lets you create lists, log in your budget parameters and monitor the state of your pending gifts. Amusingly, the team behind Christmas List also throws in the feature of making your phone look like a shaken snowball globe whenever you trigger the effect by sh-sh-shaking it!

4. Pronto

Pronto Christmas App

This website is high on our recommendation list by being no-nonsense and straight-up to the chase by aggregating information – to a stock market-like effect. What it does is that it presents price comparisons of tens of millions of items online, including for the preferred go-to retailer for shoppers – Amazon.

What’s more, Pronto includes a browser extension feature or the option of email alerts when the prices of items holding the spots on your ‘wishlists’ have dropped, in real-time.

5. RedLaser

RedLaser Christmas App

Wrap your heard around this app, which is infinitely nifty for use while at the stores. Trick your smartphone out with this app and read barcodes of items at the stores which carry goods you’re interested in. Once the app has ‘lasered in’ and processed the item’s barcode, it will generate details of the best deals which you can find online or at the stores in your area. Furthermore, listen up – while you are browsing the stores, RedLaser can double up as a shopping guru by providing ongoing in-store deals, valid coupons, and even stores maps for the savvy shopper.

6. Hip2Save

Image Credit: hip2save
Image Credit: Hip2Save

Have a quick glance at a compilation of available deals from both online and physical stores with deal aggregator websites like Hip2Save. Have the satisfaction of the various deals information at your instant reach while doing virtual research or purchase!

7. Quidco

Quidco Christmas App

On top of offering a number of voucher deals and shopping offers, this app oh-so-helpfully cuts down your expenses even further by providing information of cash back options that are offered by specific stores. Featured retailers on this app exist both online and at actual physical stores. Christmas shopping can now be a pleasure with this wonderfully apt tool in this time of generous giving.

8. Christmas Ringtones

Image Credit: http://littlebylisten.com
Image Credit: http://littlebylisten.com

I don’t know about you, but one of the things that immediately puts me in the dreamy Christmas spirit would be the feel-good, fuzzy Christmas tunes. The idea of ‘Christmasfy-ing’, that is, primping my phone up with jingles for every other phone alert (like calls, smses and notifications) simply seems like it would make my Christmas more immersive.

9. Gift Wrapping Ideas

Image Credit: http://www.snappypixels.com
Image Credit: http://www.snappypixels.com

A gift that looks professionally packaged is instantly pleasing to the eyes of the beholder, especially the honourary recipient – agreed? Yet another simple joy of Christmas would be checking out the various creative ways that gifts are wrapped, by what one would first assume to be done by the retail staff. Yet, have the personal satisfaction of lovingly personalising each of your gifts with this ‘Gift Wrapping 101’ app.

10. Talking Santa

Talking Santa Christmas App

Be tickled helpless by Santa himself, virtually, with Talking Santa. Command Santa to speak whatever you fancy, to a jolly good effect, and he will repeat whatever you or your loved one wants him to. Santa’s all yours in this app and you can interact with him by naughtily sending snowballs his way or nicely serving him up milk and cookies.

Finally, users can animate Santa however they want, to send on their warm and well-meaning greetings on to their social contacts via 3D animation e-cards. Santa has never been more relevant or embraced in this 21st century!

Ultimately, ‘tis the season of kicking back and spending time with your loved ones so we hope these tools will enhance the Christmas celebratory moods of Christmas enthusiasts. Melt your shopping and party planning stresses away early on, and bask in the glow of this festival come Christmas morning. Here’s wishing you an advanced Feliz Navidad!


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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