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Have you ever find yourself wishing that you had a personal assistant to help carry out small menial tasks which gets in the way of your main job? Don’t fret for you can outsource your task to your very own virtual assistant.

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Supahands was launched just few months ago in December 2013, but it has already come a long way with more than 500 active users. Co-founder, Mark Koh apparently thought of this idea few years ago but he was hesitant about starting the company in 2010.

One of the factors was the mentality of Southeast Asians who usually prefer to do the tasks themselves rather than handing them over to others. Other than that, Mr. Koh had to take into account the novelty of e-commerce and lack of programmers for the system.

However, these challenges were finally overcome; Andrew Tan and Izwan Ismail were roped in for tech support, and Warren Tan joined the marketing team. Freelancers were hired to complete clients’ requests, such as researching for a holiday; booking the cheapest available flight; finding a new restaurant to eat; or researching the latest smartphone, for a fee.


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Since users get 2 free ‘hands’ upon signing up, I decided to put Supahands to the test by using those ‘hands’ to help me with 2 actual problems I have, and also to show others who are still doubtful of this service, how it’s being carried out.


Request #1

Please research and provide the top 3 options for a good and efficient vacuum cleaner. Budget is about RM350. Need a vacuum cleaner that has good suction power and comes with warranty (the longer, the better). Does not need to be able to vacuum liquids, need one to vacuum mostly dust and small debris. Size and weight of the cleaner is not too big of an issue. Also please provide the name and venue of where I can buy the vacuum cleaner at the best price. Thank you.

After sending in your request, a confirmation email will be sent to you to assure you that their agents are “hard at work” working on your task and that they will get back to you within 24 hours.

SupaAgent Hanna responded to my query within the same day, approximately 8 hours later (I sent in the request at 9am and the response came in at 5.40pm).

Attached with the reply was a PDF file with the information that I requested for, neatly arranged in a table for quick and easy comparison.

vaccum cleaner 2

Request #2

I have a Mini Schnauzer that has been tested positive for heartworm disease. Apparently it’s not that serious yet but she requires treatment to prevent the disease from getting worse. I need to know what are the treatment options and the cost of treatment. And also which vet is reputable to treat the dog for a reasonable price. Thank you.

SupaAgent Hanna responded to my query the next day, approximately 14 hours after I sent in my request (still within the 24 hours timeframe promised).

Because she was unable to provide sufficient information in the first reply, a follow-up reply was given the next day, another 17 hours later.

Attached was a table with 2 clinics for me to choose from, thoughtfully complete with helpful details such as the clinics’ website, contact number, address, doctor contacted, details of the treatment, and cost.


1. Ease of mind

After sending in your request, you don’t have to worry about it and fully concentrate on other matters that you have to deal with. You can be rest assured that the SupaAgents will provide you with the help and information that you need within 24 hours.


2. Variety in tasks

The tasks that I sent to Supahands were mainly research-based, but they can do so much more than that. SupaAgents can help you with bookings and reservations, business tasks, and even data entry tasks.




3. Affordability

The cost of 1 hand is RM8 if you don’t subscribe to a plan, which is pretty worth it considering the amount of time and effort it saves you, and the peace of mind it gives you. If your subscribe to their Golden Hands Plan, it is RM48 for 8 Hands per month (RM6 per Hand); the Valu Hands Plan is RM60 for 12 Hands per month (RM5 per Hand); and the Mega Hands Plan is RM150 for 35 Hands per month (RM4.30 per Hand).


1. Payment options are limited

Currently, the only way to purchase Hands or subscribe to a plan is by paying via Paypal, an international e-commerce business which allows payments to be made through the Internet, or a debit/credit card. I was hoping to be able to make the payment via a bank transfer but that option is not yet made available.


2. Task results may not be completely foolproof

SupaAgents are human too and there are certain limits to their research scope. The best you can do to help is to provide them with enough information and specific details that will help narrow down the research range.

Final verdict: To be absolutely honest it is rather addicting, because after using Supahands a few times, I come to a realisation that this service opens a whole new world of possibilities. Just imagine the number of small annoying work that you have to deal with everyday, and now, you’re free to focus on other important things like running your main business, your family, or your friends.


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