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Published 2014-03-07 11:30:04

Whether you are the CEO of a company or a stay home mum, there is one thing that all of us have equally: time. No more, no less.

To help busy people and professionals manage their time more efficiently, Malaysia based Supahands allows anyone to delegate their tasks to a team of Supahands virtual assistants, called SupaAgents.


Launched back in mid December last year, Supahands has so far served over 500 customers, whom outsource tasks such as meeting bookings and calendar management to travel research like “plan me a 2 day itinerary in Paris”, “find me the availability of this resort on this date for 3 night”, as well as various service researches to the carefully screened SupaAgents.

Our strength is in the hiring and training of our SupaAgents as well as the service level of tasks returned to our users. We go through a rigorous hiring process to ensure fit into our culture. We have systems and expectations in place to ensure smooth, quality, turnaround. Our co-founders are also from different industries and possess different skill sets and experiences. This has definitely helped shape a strong backbone,” CEO Mark Koh told Vulcan Post.

Clients and customers simply have to sign up and account with Supahands and submit their task requests. The team will then deploy the virtual assistant with the right skillsets to help these customers.

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Started by a team of five, Supahands has managed to keep its turnaround time for inbound task requests within 24 hours. The team understands the importance of near instantaneous responses, and is striving towards achieving that.

We started this because we all faced the same issues in our lives; we just don’t have enough time to work on the nitty-gritty! We see the big need to delegate and outsource to gain more hours in our day to focus on more important things like growing our businesses, spending time with our families and travelling.” – Mark Koh.


While the idea sounds promising, and Supahands has a growing number of clients, the company still face the challenge of educating potential customers and the general market on how time is a valuable asset.

“People always want the biggest bang for their buck. We are trying to show people that time is priceless: why would you do repetitive administrative tasks or tasks that you don’t enjoy doing when you can simply click a button for someone else to do it. Send us your meeting bookings, travel research, venue research, price quote research, data entry, calendar management, restaurant bookings and earn back these priceless hours in your day.”

Exclusively for Vulcan Post readers, you can use the code “SUPAVULCAN” during the check out process to get an additional free task. It can be used for arranging a meeting, doing some research or making a booking et cetera.

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