B&B Labs is a Malaysian startup that creates customised microbiome-friendly masks and skincare products using Malaysian ingredients.
We at B&B Labs are dedicated to formulating skin cosmeceuticals that uphold Cellular Wellness for maximum results with minimal downtime. 

“Why cosmeceuticals and not regular skincare?”

Cosmeceuticals are skincare products with medical benefits using bioactive ingredients, so they are more effective and efficient in tackling skin problems. Bioactive means having an effect on cells which makes it more potent than regular ingredients.  
That’s why we use ingredients that are skin compatible and immune boosting to build a strong skin DEFENCE system, formulations that contain powerful antioxidants that aid the DETOXIFICATION process and hydration-rich plant, herbal and fruit extracts that rev up the DYNAMISM of the skin, all of which supports and maintains CELLULAR WELLNESS for a healthy skin barrier.   

Before we created B&B Labs, the available skin care offerings were fragmented and cumbersome. Skincare was either formulated with lots of harsh and aggressive ingredients that harmed the skin in exchange for temporary gratification, or ‘farm-to-table’ natural concept products that didn’t give much significant skin improvements other than just the ‘feel good factor’. Brands were advocating an arduous 10- to 15-step daily skincare routine for best results which wasn’t time and money feasible.

Noticing this void, we committed ourselves to creating enhanced cosmeceuticals. Cosmeceuticals are turbo-charged skincare formulations withmedical benefits for quick results, but we amplified the effectiveness by incorporating the Eastern ‘health-giving’ approach to skin care which believes in working with the skin’s physiology and not against it for longer lasting skin wellness. That’s why, we decided to include traditional and native Asian plant, herbal and fruit extracts in our skin compatible bioactive formulations.

Our home is Malaysia, one of the 17 most biodiverse nations in the world and home to centuries-old rainforests. This country is rich with Asian Ingredients known for their health, beauty and wellness benefits.

Our pursuit for skin wellness has brought us together with leading Asian skin scientists to sustainably utilise this Asian flora, unlocking their cosmeceutical potential for high performance skincare which always maintains the integrity of the skin’s acid mantle which we call Cellular Wellness.

Life is complicated enough as it is so your journey towards better skin shouldn’t be stressful. We have curated the best of the best to bottle so you only need to use the essential products to get the results you want without having to layer up your skin with an insane amount of product on a daily basis. After all, just as wellness begins from the cells upwards, quality skincare is formed from the very fundamentals of its contents.

Besides testing the products on ourselves (not on animals) before putting them on the market, we also work with skin professionals like aestheticians and pharmacists who recommend our skincare solutions, so B&B Labs is not only backed by science but also supported by subject matter experts to ensure the products are not just effective but safe as well.

Using M’sian flora, this local skincare brand puts your own facial bacteria to good work

Armed with 20+ years of experience in the skincare industry and now pursuing his graduate studies in Cosmetic Science, Julius saw an opportunity to then start a skincare brand of his own.