Beard.On’s purpose is to offer high performance grooming products for men that provide results you can feel and see.

Inspiration comes in many forms, and most of the time, it arrives when you least expect it.

All it took was one comment about his beard and Beard.On founder Jeremy Raj struck gold with what he calls his ‘eureka moment’. Having always prided himself on the majestic mane around his neck, Jeremy constantly kept it groomed, using only the finest grooming products from the US.

Although he had an idea brewing for the longest time, his work had prevented him from delving into it. It should come as no surprise then that he was a little more than troubled when his superior at his bank job told him that the beard had to go because it wasn’t ‘professional’.

He quit the job almost immediately and went straight to work on his idea, and lo and behold, Beard.On was born!

Focusing on all-natural men’s grooming products, Beard.On’s brand is summed up in its snazzy tagline: ‘Keep It Simple, Keep It Manly.’

The entrepreneur is now on a mission to educate others on beard culture and proper grooming.