Bach Flower Tincture - Anger



From Sound of Flowers

This Bach Flower tinctures is a softener that tones down your anger and resentment. It contains cherry plum, holly, willow, heather and beech – all of which are extremely helpful when you are experiencing annoyance and strong, negative emotions such as jealousy or being overly critical about the faults of others. Put a drop under your tongue and let the flower extracts work gently on your mind and body. We don’t always have to react to our emotions, especially when they are stubborn and hateful. Stay calm and trust that your mind and this little flower helper can change your mood.

Use For: When experiencing bouts of anger, resentment and exasperation.

Ingredients: Cherry Plum, Holly, Willow, Heather, Beech.

Storage: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

How to take: Apply 4 drops directly to your tongue or in a glass of water, every 4 hours, or as needed.