Bach Flower Tincture - Mindful Eating



From Sound of Flowers

The flower essences in this tincture are concocted to improve patience, willpower and motivation when you are following a dietary plan. Cherry plum puts away your fear of losing control and agrimony promotes peace and optimism. Mustard and impatiens help to increase tenacity and prevent impulsive eating during hunger attacks. Together, they will give you the care, love and discipline you need as you start adopting a positive attitude towards food.

Improve your patience, willpower and motivation when following a dietary plan.

Uses for: When changing your dietary habit or when following a strict dietary plan.

Ingredients: Agrimony, Cherry Plum, Mustard, Impatiens.

Storage: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

How to take: Apply 4 drops directly to your tongue or in a glass of water, every 4 hours, or as needed.