CARE Facial & Body Oil



From Herbbies

Provides your skin rashes, redness with a layer of protection. This CARE Facial & Body Oil protects your skin against harsh external environment. It protects your skin against harsh allergen and irritation agent.

Coats your skin with a protective barrier to promote healing from skin rashes and redness. This CARE Facial & Body Oil protects your skin against harsh allergens, irritant substances and shields it from environmental damages.

Sensation: Extremely light weight, absorb almost instantly to skin.

Scent: Woodsy and herbsy, lightly scented with cedarwood essential oil. This CARE Facial & Body Oil does not contain any artificial fragrance, the scent is 100% from cedarwood essential oil and Vernonia leaf infusion.

Content: 30ml

As extremely light weight oil, this CARE Facial & Body Oil can be applied to both face and body.

For face, apply 3-5 drops to the whole face after cleansing, when the face is still damp and wet. You might spray on Lavender Hydrating Facial Mist prior to apply as form of toner, it helps to facilitate the absorption of this CARE Facial & Body Oil.

For body, apply 5-7 drops or any appropriate amount to the whole skin area (e.g. whole arm / whole leg area) as a form of body moisturiser. You can replace your body lotion with this CARE Facial & Body Oil for a natural alternative.

For best result for skin rash care, pair CARE Facial & Body Oil with CARE Treatment Focus Oil for eczema deep repair on face, and Vernonia Anti Itch Balm for eczema on body.

Suggested sequence to use: Step (1) Apply CARE Facial & Body Oil over the whole skin area, Step (2) Apply CARE Treatment Focus Oil / Vernonia Anti Itch Balm to targeted skin area.

Vernonia Leaf

A popular Malaysian local herb, which is typically consumed to reduce body heat and to improve immunity. Some locals might recognize it as Nan Fei Ye or South Africa Leaf, it has therapeutic effect on skin rash, skin irritation, and redness as well.

Ingredients list: Vernonia leaf, grapeseed oil, cedarwood essential oil.

We recommend CARE Facial & Body Oil for baby older than 6 months. For women who are currently pregnant, it is safe to use CARE Facial & Body Oil to tame skin rash and irritation that are common during pregnancy.

For women who are currently breastfeeding, it is perfectly safe to use. But wipe off the excessive oil before nursing.

For gentle skin rash care, pair this CARE Facial & Body Oil with CARE Treatment Focus Oil, which only consists of Vernonia leaf and plant-based oil combination.

It is safe to use Vernonia Anti Itch Balm for baby and pregnant women on occasions (e.g. when skin itch is uncontrollably itchy), but not in large amount over regular frequent period. As peppermint content in Vernonia Anti Itch Balm has not been well studied in previous research to establish the effect on baby.