Discovery Set



Scents of Memento’s first-ever Eau de Parfum Discovery Set features 6 x 10ml deluxe bottles of our signature scents. Explore your favorite new perfume amongst one of these intriguing scents that will evoke the best sophistication side of you. All orders are beautifully packed in our signature black box with a silver ribbon.



An explosion of sweetness and sophistication. Sublime is an embodiment of rich, elegant, also mouth-watering. Imagine walking down on a red carpet at the Met Gala. This magnetic scent is luxurious and seductive, just hauntingly beautiful.



Mysterious, peculiar, nevertheless attractive. The warmth, spice, and creaminess of Mystique creates a sensual spirit, yet extraordinarily eccentric. An exploration of the whimsical world, escape from the mundane reality to free your soul.



Gleaming and luminous. Lucid portrays a dazzling burst of sunshine and develops into a marvelous clean blend of florals and citrus. This crisp and delicate scent evokes an inexplicable comfort. The absolute feeling of eternal spring.


Dark Shadows

Edgy and dark. The smokiness of Dark Shadows leaves a trail everywhere you walk, it follows. The unique combination of woody and spicy scent wakens your inner thoughts to always remembering who you truly are, even when days are gloomy.


Honey, I’m Thorny

A late summer harvest captured in a bottle. Honey, I’m Thorny is a ravishingly sweet blend of honey and roses. This scent brings out the flirtatious side of you that you’re probably too shy to show. It is a perfect morning booster that uplifts your mood for the entire day.


Beautiful Problems

Voluptuous with an emotional touch. This fragrance conveys a focus on beauty and fantasy. We want to celebrate our beauty in many ways, even through hard times, smelling great is effortless. We’re just beautiful people with Beautiful Problems.