Vernonia Anti Itch Balm



From Herbbies

No more skin rash and itch with this Anti-itch Vernonia Balm. Rich with both natural soothing effect of peppermint and therapeutic effect of Vernonia leaf, this Anti-Itch Vernonia Balm soothes your skin itch and heals your skin rash at the same time.

Tame your skin rash with this Vernonia Anti Itch Balm. Enriched with natural healing properties of Vernonia leaf, a popular Malaysian local herb to relief prickly heat, heaty skin, skin rash, and irritation, this Vernonia Anti Itch Balm alleviates skin rash, skin irritation, skin redness.

With natural beeswax and grapeseed oil-based infusion, this Vernonia Anti Itch Balm is lightweight and non-sticky in texture.

Other sensitive skin conditions, including rosacea, allergic reactions to seafood / alcohol, can be benefited by this Vernonia Anti Itch Balm.

Sensation: Cooling and moisturizing. Peppermint content provides cooling and anti itch effect, grapeseed oil and natural beeswax moisturise dry irritated sensitive skin.

Scent: Fresh and woodsy.

Content: 30g.

Apply a generous amount of Vernonia Anti Itch Balm on skin rash area, preferably after cleansing.

May apply to skin area with pervasive skin itch. After Itch Soothing Mist also provides more immediate large skin area itch relief.

You may pair the use of Vernonia Anti Itch Balm together with CARE Facial & Body Oil for a more comprehensive sensitive skin care. Apply CARE Facial & Body Oil just like lotion / massage oil to the large skin area (e.g. the whole arm area, the whole leg area), then apply Vernonia Anti Itch Balm at eczema skin area for a targeted repair.

Special Note: Due to cooling and anti-itch effect of peppermint mint, avoid apply the balm to open active wound. The open wound skin area might find it stimulating. We suggest CARE Treatment Focus Oil and CARE Facial & Body Oil for a milder care instead.

It is safe to apply the balm on face area, however avoid eyes and lips area due to its cooling effect. For sensitive skin care around eyes and lips area, CARE Treatment Focus Oil provides good healing.


The natural cooling effect of peppermint soothes skin itch in the most natural way. Antioxidant properties of peppermint further protects from any allergen.

Vernonia Leaf

A popular Malaysian local herb, which is typically consumed to reduce body heat and to improve immunity. Some locals might recognize it as Nan Fei Ye or South Africa Leaf, it has therapeutic effect on skin rash, skin irritation, and redness as well.

Ingredients list: Vernonia leaf, peppermint, grapeseed oil, beeswax, menthol.

Friendly for kids older than 3 years old and women who are breastfeeding. Wipe off the balm prior to nursing if apply around breast and nipple area.

For kids younger than 3 years old and women who are currently pregnant, it is safe to use this Mugwort Anti Itch Balm on occasions, but not in large quantity over regular period of time, as no previous clinical research has been done to establish the safe relationship between peppermint use and pregnancy / effects on baby.

For safer alternative to eczema care, we recommend CARE Treatment Focus Oil and CARE Facial & Body Oil to kids younger than 3 years old and pregnant women.