Take a guess. How many websites are there in this world? Reckon 5 million? Or a billion?

According to Tech Made Easy, as of January 2014, there are around 861,379,000 websites! It goes without saying that technology does in fact brings us together.

Because of the increasing number, it’s common to have several websites that go unnoticed. We usually call them underrated or under-the-radar. If you’d like something fresh and different from the crowd, I’ve got you covered.

#1 The Great Language Game

Image credit: The Great Language Game
Image credit: The Great Language Game

After playing several rounds of Heads-Up! on my tablet, I became fascinated with languages and accents. If you haven’t heard of it, think of it as a game of charades. The game play is simple. All you have to do is pick a themed deck and start playing with your friends and family. I recommend “Accents” as it is by far the best and entertaining deck by a mile.

This brings me to my next point. If you luxuriate in language art, you might want to take a peek at The Great Language Game. There are thousands of languages that are spoken across the world, and here are just eighty. If you’re up to the challenge, give it a go and see how many you can differentiate!

“You and I will never be able to communicate in all these languages without machine aids, but learning to identify what’s being spoken near us, that’s within our reach. This is the challenge the game provides.” — The Great Language Game

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#2 Hogwarts is Here

Image credit: Hogwarts is Here
Image credit: Hogwarts is Here

Harry Potter is one of the best-selling series of all time. It’s loved and respected by people of all ages; so much that a group of fans have gone on to create a fictional (and virtual) school of magic for the fandom. The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is practically like the one we’ve read and seen on the big screen. It’s beautiful and bucket loads of fun.

Unlike the books and films, there’s no Sorting Hat (a magical object that determines which House each student belong to), instead, students simply get to pick which House they’d want to get in. The course directory is fascinating. From Astronomy, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Herbology, be prepared to be spoilt for choice!

Noteworthy point: this is not a legitimate educational institution, which means that credits are only valid between other Wizarding Institutions. Bummer, I know.

#3 PhotoFeeler

Image credit: PhotoFeeler
Image credit: PhotoFeeler

A picture says a thousand words. This saying obviously applies to PhotoFeeler. If you’ve always wondered what your picture says, then this is for you. Simple create an account, and upload either a business or social headshot. After a short while, you will get an email for how competent, likable and influential you look in them.

Be prepared if your photo bombed. Just remember, should this happen, no biggie. Tell yourself that this doesn’t reflect on you as a person. Move on, and try again. Like the abovementioned websites, PhotoFeeler is completely free. However, you need credits to do this. There’s really no need to buy them, as you can just earn them by voting other people’s photos. If you’re a LinkedIn user, I highly recommend it.

“We created PhotoFeeler so that a misleading or unflattering photo never comes between good people and opportunity… Every photo sends a unique message. We tell you what yours are saying, so you choose the right ones to use online.” — PhotoFeeler

#4 Peek by UserTesting

Image credit: Peek by UserTesting
Image credit: Peek by UserTesting

What factors should we consider in order to determine a good and reputable website? Good content that makes you want to come back for more? Exceptional and attention-grabbing writing skills that pushes you to spread the word about it?

Type the URL of your website in the block of space, and get a 5-minute video in return. If you’d like an honest (and free) feedback, you know what to do.

“We believe the web would be a better place if websites were built with the input of the people using them. Out of this belief, the UserTesting research platform was born. Peek is free because we think the best way to spark your interest in this platform is to let you see the magic of usability testing in action.” — Peek

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