When you thought there couldn't be more TMI, there's Undies, a “location-based social networking app" that let's you share your underwear with the world!

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2014-08-05 16:30:58

Social media is getting more intimate.

When you thought that relationship complaints was the fullest extent of the internet’s TMI, the world finds a way to churn out Undies, a “location-based social networking app with a personal touch”.

According to undies.my, Undies is the new way to meet people. “Look for other undies on the map, and make friends with them! Keeping in touch becomes as easy as putting on a new pair of undies.”

All you have to do is sign up to Undies, and let them know what undies you’re wearing today! The app provides you with a list of different underwear types, from boyshorts to thongs for girls, and boxers and briefs for guys. Thanks to the location-based connectivity, you can even find out what that hot guy/girl next to you is wearing, or even that creepy uncle in the corner (oh God, no).

Image Credit: undies.my
Image Credit: undies.my

As an experiment, I logged onto to the app to browse around. I found no undies near me in my corner of Orchard Road, which was both a disappointment and a relief. However, when I tried to share my undies, I realized that I had to pay with actual money to buy the undies online first! Though it was S$1.28 for 100 credits (a bikini brief costs 15 credits), I logged off immediately.

The culprits responsible for this absurd idea is TeratoTech, a Malaysia-based startup that creates new and inventive mobile apps. And before you shoot the idea down for it’s obvious absurdity and invasion of personal information, get this – there are already 6,148 undies being posted and uploaded. What?!

Image Credit: undies.my
Image Credit: undies.my

Someway, somehow, TeratoTech has managed to tap into some mysterious region of the human psyche that pushed personal sharing to an extent we never believed possible. So if you have friends that you think share too much ‘personal’ information, tell them about undies. It might just be their cup of tea (or cut of panties).

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