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It’s an age-old problem we all face: the beauty product market is a very competitive and saturated one, yet it’s often hard to find that one lipstick, moisturiser or BB cream that comes in the perfect shade for our skin tones. And if you’re even slightly averse to commitment, then you’ll know how strong the desire is for many of us to test out beauty product samples before buying their full-sized counterparts.

New website on the block, Preloot, wants to solve that problem — by providing customisable, natural, and organic beauty sample packages that come without subscription fees.

How It All Began

The founders of Preloot, final year law undergraduate Felix Goh and full-time teacher Joyce Teo, struck upon the idea of the online platform while they were shopping in New York. Felix recounts, “The sales personnel readily gave us sachets of product samples and continuously probed us for other items we would like to try. This made the whole shopping experience a pleasant one. Really, it is oftentimes almost impossible to make a purchase with confidence without first trying!”

Founders of Preloot, Felix (left) and Joyce
Founders of Preloot, Felix (left) and Joyce

While doing their research on the beauty industry in Singapore, the duo found that many independent brands were not being carried by existing subscription boxes — they simply could not afford the charges levied by subscription services for carrying their products, on top of the costs of manufacturing samples.

This led Felix and Joyce to question the future of beauty samples. They saw an opportunity for discovery and customisability in the market, especially as they had heard many beauty box subscribers gripe about receiving samples that were not suitable for them, or even ones which were nearing expiry. They also revealed that they strayed away from the subscription model, as they believe in giving customers “a sense of purposeful adventure and joy that comes with choice.”

Iamge Credit: http://www.preloot.com/
Iamge Credit: Preloot

Preloot: Sample Without Subscription

To fix the existing problems faced by consumers, Preloot roped in local, independent brands not yet in the subscription box loop. They explain, “Trying before buying to get the right product is nothing new, but when it becomes a quick way to discover new brands and support local ones, it leads to more.”

Currently, local brands they have on board include well-known ones like DrGL and Rachel K Cosmetics, as well as handmade brands like KatFood (coconut-oil based products), SoapLah (soap for those with sensitive skin) and other interesting artisanal items like perfumes and nail wraps.

Image Credit: http://cdn.shopify.com/
Image Credit: shopify.com

Of course, this does not mean that they’re leaving out more well-known, international brands: from skincare to hair and fragrance, the team behind Preloot scout and hand-pick each product to curate a largely natural and organic series of samples. For people seeking environmentally-friendly options, this is certainly a plus. Product reviews are also provided with every batch of samples, so consumers know what they can expect from each product.

Some of the featured international brands include Flower2Grass2, Wild Nature and Eco Cosmetics, the last of which produces items suitable for babies’ use. In other words, you’ll never run out of things to sample at Preloot.

Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/preloot/
Image Credit: Preloot’s Facebook page

How Preloot Works

For about half the price of a regular subscription box, users of Preloot can enjoy a wide variety of product samples, with some even coming in full-size. All you need to do is select up to 5 products to fit into a standard sized Preloot bag, and it will get delivered right to your doorstep at an affordable S$8.99.

Apart from its significantly lower price range, Preloot also provides consumers with information such as expiry dates and product types — a move that will definitely be welcomed by those who’ve suffered from breakouts or other embarrassing side effects from products that don’t agree with their skin.

Image Credit: http://preloot.com/
Image Credit: Preloot

What’s Next?

Besides the delivery of beauty samples, Preloot is set to launch their very own e-commerce platform LootStore. It will enable satisfied users to buy full-sized items after sampling various products.

They’re also hoping to follow in the footsteps of Korean beauty subscription brand Memebox, hinting that they might want to launch their own line of products in the near future. This is great news for fans of the site — Preloot might just be able to come up with something revolutionary with all the feedback they get from users.

Image Credits: https://instagram.com/prelootofficial/
Image Credit: Preloot Instagram

To announce the launch of Preloot’s official website, the team will be setting up a booth at the TLP (The Local People) art market at the DECK from 5-10pm on 30th May. There, you’ll be able to get firsthand experience at filling your own Preloot bag, and stand a chance to win natural beauty products worth up to $200 in a lucky draw.

Check out their Instagram and Facebook accounts for more details.

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