Helpling has released a new app, which will make keeping your home clean that much easier.

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-05-21 10:29:37

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Home-cleaning portal Helpling Singapore has launched its mobile app. The app brings its uncluttered, easy-to-use interface onto on your mobile phone, allowing users to engage the services of a reliable part-time cleaner in a minute.

Earlier this year, the venture by German Internet company Rocket Internet acquired Singapore-based startup Spickify to strengthen its foothold locally. Since then, it has fulfilled 1,000 bookings with an increasing rate of about 20-30% week-on-week.

On top of making bookings for services, the app will also store your previous booking so that you can easily make repeat bookings, forward booking details directly via email or SMS to notify a partner or flatmate, and store the details onto your phone calendar for you to keep track of when the cleaner will arrive.

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The launch of the mobile app serves as a strong foothold for Helpling, against the rise of other home services that are quickly gaining traction in Singapore. Consumers are starting to see the value of having various home-services within a single app, and companies are looking to provide exactly that.

PageAdvisor, for example, offers bookings to 1,400 registered service providers from over 100 specialised services. Likewise, BookQuickly — while focusing on beauty services for now — will be looking to expand to other home services as well, including pet grooming and air-conditioning services. Even Sendhelper, another home-cleaning service that exists solely on the mobile platform, has hinted at expanding to other home services.

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Helpling shared that they will be focusing on household cleaning for now as their core competency — with a large market of around 1.3 million households, there is still room for growth. But Hoe Yeen Teck, CEO of Helpling Singapore, said that Helpling will explore the possibility of providing other services in the future: “We are definitely keeping all our options open for the near future, as we see a lot of added value in services such as babysitting, handyman, etc.”

Helpling is available on iOS  and Android.

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