Never lose your smartphone to a snatch thief again!

Sarah Enxhi  |  MY
Published 2014-09-24 15:00:52

Phone thefts are a serious issue. With its rising popularity among people of all ages, it’s only natural that smartphones are one of the most sought-after items for snatch thieves. In Malaysia, it is common for people to place their smartphones on the table while they are having a meal, only to put it at risk of being an easy target.

Especially if the smartphone’s cover design is something that screams: “I’m right here!”

Image Credit: ebay
These could potentially blind someone (Image Credit: ebay)

Having such bling-ed up phone covers may be cute and kawaii, but if you really think about it, these are the exact kind of smartphone covers that are easily spotted from afar thanks to its dazzling features, and thieves will definitely prey on them!

Thus enters DiGi UndrCovr, the smartphone covers that allow your smartphone to be hidden – in plain sight. Watch the hilarious video by DiGi below:

The first thing that might come to your mind is: “Is DiGi trying to troll me with this advertisement?”

And no one blames you because come on, who could possible take this guy seriously? One thing for sure, his favourite word is the word ‘beautiful’ (try counting the number of times he used that word!).

Image Credit: YouTube
“But now, we can beautifully turn the situation around, literally and beautifully.” (Image Credit: YouTube)

Also, were you observant enough to notice a hidden product comparison within the video?

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

Two scientists were looking carefully at few different coloured liquids and the yellow coloured liquid was selected in the end with them nodding their heads approvingly. Malaysians should know what exactly do the other colours represent. Sneaky, DiGI!

Upon checking the DiGi website, turns out that this is an actual contest where you DO stand a chance to win one of the DiGi UndrCovrs!

To be in the running to win, participants have to subscribe to the DiGi Telecommunications YouTube channel, click on the ‘like’ tab, and then write a comment of the total number of DiGi smartphone covers that appeared in the video. Sounds simple enough.

Fancy having a packet of nasi lemak as your smartphone cover? Or a slipper?

I think I do. Because I want to be able to give a snatch thief this look if he tries to take my smartphone.

Image Credit: YouTube
What are you looking for, bro? (Image Credit: YouTube)

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