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This Samsung Phone Has An Extra Function: Saving Your Life From A Bullet

A man in Taiwan wasn’t expecting to find someone’s wallet on the street on Monday, neither did he expect that the wallet belongs to a man who had a gun and was going to shoot him.

Furthermore, I bet he would never guess what would end up saving his life – his Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3.

Image Credit: Apple Daily
The hero of the day! (Image Credit: Apple Daily)

According to 9to5GoogleApple Daily, which is a Chinese website, wrote about how the victim, Han picked up someone’s dropped wallet and joked about using it to buy beer. Apparently, this joke was not taken so lightly by the wallet’s owner, Xu.

Note to self: perhaps sometimes it’s better to keep jokes to myself.

The wallet’s owner retaliated by firing his gun straight at the man’s chest; however, the huge phablet was in his shirt pocket, taking the bullet for him and successfully blocked it from harming any of Han’s internal organs.

The bullet apparently did penetrate Han’s arm though (which was probably in front of his chest when he was shot), but he is expected to make a full recovery.

Image Credit: forum
The bullet was found wedged in the back cover (Image Credit: forum)

On the other hand, his phone, of course, is no longer usable. Despite that, I wonder if he will keep it as a reminder of that day’s events and buy another Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 for the next time he decides to make an untimely joke.

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