Free For All offers the same quality and quantity of water as the rest for absolutely nothing!

Ajay Madhukar  |  Singapore
Published 2015-07-15 15:51:23

Water is a natural commodity, however it needs to be purified for human consumption. While people in some countries can consume water straight from their taps, we can’t. Here in Malaysia, we don’t have the option of drinking clean water straight from a tap. Purchasing bottled water is the one of the only sources of clean drinking water for most Malaysians.

Well, we aren’t alone. In fact over 100 billion USD is spent worldwide for clean bottled water. Concurrently, we have millions of people who struggle to even obtain a sip of clean drinking water.

In fact, it’s easier to find free WiFi access than it is to find a clean source of drinking water. Although when you think of it, not all WiFi service is completely free seeing as you have to purchase food or drink first before using the WiFi service at a restaurant. But even then, it’s still easier to find free WiFi access at shopping malls and airports in comparison to finding free drinking water.

While the disparity of the situation at hand may be depressing, it didn’t stop the team at Free For All from taking action.


Free For All is Malaysia’s first brand of free mineral water.


Their mineral water is bottled straight from the tropical rainforest of Gunung Datok, Rembau. The water is extracted from between 40 to 85 metres from the surface and it’s delivered directly into the hands of the people. Free For All distributes countless number of branded bottles across Klang Valley and you don’t have to pay anything for it. Like the name suggests, it’s free for all.

According to their Instagram page, this movement was initiated by 6 people from various backgrounds who want us to enjoy advertisements in a new and—might we add—wet way.

Image Credit: Free For All Instagram page
Image Credit: Free For All Instagram page

How Is That Possible?

Free For All bottles have exclusive promotional messages provided by their sponsors. Companies pay to advertise through the Free For All bottles and the income generated through the advertisements essentially makes it free for you. If you’re interested in advertising with Free For All, you can read about it here.

Image Credit: Free For All
Image Credit: Free For All

The team at Free For All handpicks key locations across the Klang Valley so that the thirsty can pick up the bottles for a refreshing drink without having to pay a single cent for it. They select all their distribution partners based on locations that the youth frequently choose to hang out at. So they mainly select cafes, boutiques, universities, events and music festivals.

While they are currently focusing on places frequented by the youth, they are also busy planning to distribute the bottles throughout Malaysia. If you’re a merchant who would like to have Free For All water bottles distributed at your store, you can go here for more information.

On behalf of all the cheapskates in Malaysia, I can bravely say that Free For All is a great initiative that delivers the same quantity and quality of water as the rest for absolutely nothing. To find out more information, you can visit their website or their Facebook page.

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