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“When my father passed away, it felt like Liquido was his dying wish. So now, my philosophy is to do this or die trying,” said Nadia Hasbi, the founder of Fit Rebel in an interview with Edgy.

Formerly a MBA graduate from Manchester Business School in the UK, Nadia started venturing in women’s fashion since July 2013, particularly in beach and fitness wear. Prior to founding Fit Rebel, Nadia brought in a Liquido, a Brazillian leading beachwear brand to Malaysia when she was staying in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 2 years for her former job.

Nadia Hasbi. (Image Credit: Fit Rebel)
Nadia Hasbi. (Image Credit: Fit Rebel)

“Reaction has been very positive, not only from Malaysia but neighbouring countries like Singapore and Brunei. It is very encouraging for us that lots of our customers do repeat purchase,” Nadia told to Asia Entrepreneur.

However there is an emotional story behind Nadia’s success as she went though a hard time in between the year 2012 till 2014.

Sweating Out The Sadness

Before her father passed away in July 2012, Papa Nadia registered a company for her and told her, “I’ve done this for you, now take it and fly.” Other that that, Nadia also lost her fiancee.

To overcome the grief, Nadia chose to indulge in sports, such as yoga, rock climbing, running, dodgeball, and weight lifting. As how she described, these physical activities served as an escape. At the same time, she feel happy, carefree, and relaxed after having a good workout session. As a result, she healed.

Image Credit: Fit Rebel

Of course, for a sport and fitness lover like Nadia, getting new workout clothes is almost as exciting as getting new running shoes. Because she works out nearly everyday, eventually, her workout wardrobe expanded and Nadia owned more sports bras than regular bras.

Nadia’s fitness wardrobe consists of different colours and prints. From black Lycra leggings to colourful and funky yoga pants. Because the clothes are so attractive, she also began to wear them on a daily basis, and she received lots of compliments from peers and friends. This led her to promote the fitness line on her Liquido website (which currently no longer exists).

Introducing Fit Rebel

The turned out was good as the business flourished. Following that, Nadia decided to hand in her resignation to her corporate job, and pursue something she truly likes—fitness and beach wear. And so, Fit Rebel was founded.

Image Credit: Fit Rebel
Image Credit: Fit Rebel

Fit Rebel consists of a good amount of brands based on functionality, affordability and exclusivity, handpicked by the founder herself. Aside from Liquido, Fit Rebel also carries other brands such as Glyder, a fitness wear brand; Golden Mark Inc that offers jewellery-inspired temporary gold and silver tattoos; and Kati Craft Shack that sells headbands and hair ties. Fit Rebel is more than just a platform for fitness wear, it is also a community that strives to get you moving and get into the best shape of your life.

The website just recently launched, to enjoy a special discount of 20% (valid until July 31), kindly sign up for the newsletter (shipping within Malaysia and Singapore is completely free).

On Entrepreneurship & Future Plans

Now that Nadia has found love again, she’s happy with her life. It’s all thanks to her involvement in all sorts of sports activities, and prioritising her physical and mental health. In addition, having a colourful wardrobe helped too!

Image Credit: Choo Choy May/Malay Mail Online

Speaking of what made Nadia decide to become a businesswoman, Nadia told Asia Entrepreneur, “Because I found something I was passionate and truly believe in that will bring value to the masses.” 

With e-commerce growing in Malaysia, the fitness apparel industry shouldn’t be left out in all of the action. Having the right gym clothes could boost our motivation to workout Moreover we’re pretty much convinced by the fact that your gym clothes could boost your workout motivation. Hopefully with all the colourful attire offers by Fit Rebel, it could encourage people to be more active too!

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