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Just when the year is ending, a new dating app in Malaysia was recently launched.

Kehmistry is a social dating app designed and built in Malaysia and Singapore. The vision for Kehmistry is to enable busy people to find their other half anywhere, whether is it at a local bookstore, a coffee outlet, a park or shopping mall. How does it achieve that? Kehmistry uses your phone’s geolocation and identifies singles around you. Matches are done through the preference settings you entered when you set up your account.

Specifically for readers at Vulcan Post, here’s a preview of how the new dating app looks like:

kehmistry app

dating app malaysia

The app is currently only available for a few hundred selected users who are testing out the application. Although it has not been launched yet, Kehmistry told Vulcan Post that they have already seen successful case studies where couples ended up getting together after getting hooked up through Kehmistry.

The official iOS app will be available in January. The Android version is expected to be launched shortly following that.

Dating is a competitive space

At Vulcan Post, we have been covering dating apps around the region, from Couple App Between, to dating app Paktor as well as Thailand based Avalable and NoonSwoon. It is a competitive space. So how does Kehmistry stand out?

Kehmistry told Vulcan Post that they are “very different” as they see themselves as a pure dating app.

You actually get to see your match’s hobbies, what their favourite movie is and even their occupation. We don’t believe that a pure relationship can be built just on looks and a 2-second glance on a mobile phone. A true relationship needs all factors to be aligned and the most important element is actually chemistry (pun intended),” said Kehmistry cofounder Shanker Joyrama.

As with other dating apps around the world, one of the critical factor of success is the supply and demand ratio, also the guy to girl ratio. Having identified that, the team will be focusing most of their marketing efforts to attract ladies instead of guys to sign up with Kehmistry.

“It’s the simple analogy of why certain clubs have ladies night – if you bring in the honey, the bees will come.” – Shanker Joyrama

Serial entreprenuers behind Kehmistry

Based in Malaysia and Singapore, Kehmistry is founded by Bernard Lim, Toh Yit Ming and Shanker Joyrama. Prior to founding Kehmistry, Bernard was a consultant in the telecommunications industry. Toh Yit Ming on the other hand is an experienced entrepreneur and is also co-founder to an award winning mobile payment solution company SoftSpace.

Shanker Joyrama is also no stranger to the entrepreneurship scene with Kehmistry being his third startup in as many years. He successfully exited from his first startup (a group buying company) barely a year after launching it and he graduated from the prestigious University of Technology, Sydney in Finance and Marketing. Shanker is also the founder of a boutique digital agency based in Malaysia.

kehmistry team

How did the trio came together to cofound Kehmistry?

In the interview with Vulcan Post, Kehmistry cofounder Shanker shared that both himself and Bernard have known each other for the last few years as they often used to bump into each other at entrepreneurship events. As they often met at coffee outlets around town and they were single, they would always wonder and wish that they could learn to mingle with more people around them.

During one of these coffee sessions, they both hit a eureka moment and came up with Kehmistry. They reeled in Yit Ming as a founding member too because of his expertise in the mobile area.

“The best part about working together in a team like this is that we are all bringing our own expertise to the table. With maturity in the entrepreneurship scene as well as technology expertise, we are poised to be take the market by storm. The only downside that we’re currently facing is that we have far too many brilliant ideas to incorporate as part of the product features and we’re doing loads of market research to ensure that we only select the best ideas to implement.”

While there are no plans for monetization yet, eventually, the team will introduce virtual gifts as well as premium services so that they can generate some revenues when they have a sizable user base. The team is currently self funded and is looking for seed funding for what is claimed to be the first mobile dating app in Malaysia.

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