Here's how you can get paid whilst you shop online during the #MyCyberSale.

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Published 2015-09-30 16:56:50

Punch your fists into the air and say ‘yeah’! Even if you’re not physically doing that, we’re pretty sure that internally, you probably are. Nobody in their right minds would pass up on a good deal anyways, and ‘discount’ is just about everybody’s favourite word.

The #MyCyberSale is currently ongoing and will run up till October 2, with participating e-tailers including big names like Groupon, Lazada and ZALORA. By the looks of last year’s first ever government-led online sales, this year is going to be just as big, if not bigger.

Image Credit: ShopbackMY
Image Credit: ShopbackMY

To get you started on your own #MyCyberSale experience, ShopBack is a site that lets you earn money whilst you shop. If that sounds pretty surreal, here’s how it actually works. ShopBack is a company originating from our friendly neighbours in Singapore, and houses over 500 e-tailers on their site.

Rounding up the best cyber deals from countless brands, ShopBack then receives a commission from their e-tailers whenever a successful purchase is made by a user. ShopBack will generously share these monetary savings with their customers, in the form of ‘cashback’ which can then be banked into the customer’s preferred local bank or PayPal account.

Image Credit: EndSleigh UK
Image Credit: EndSleigh UK

How to Navigate the ShopBack site?

The first step to scoring yourself some sweet deals is to sign up via your e-mail account or through Facebook. Next, head on over to the designated page for #MyCyberSale, and start scrolling. ShopBack notifies you on how much cashback you will earn, in percentage, as well as how long the deals would last.

Essentially, by clicking on the preferred website through ShopBackMy, it entitles users to receive the cashback. For example, if a user is looking to shop from Q0010, they would need to first go to the designated page for #MyCyberSale on ShopBack, and click to enter the Q0010 site. After clicking on the red ‘Shop Now’ icon, users will be redirected to the Q0010 site and the shopping spree can begin.

Image Credit: ShopBackMY
Image Credit: ShopBackMY

Users can then await their cashback from ShopBack which will be received under one week. One thing to remember in order to qualify for the cashback, is to complete purchases within the same window that you clicked directly from the ShopBack site.

What Deals Do I Get?

Now onto the fun part, one of the deals now available on the ShopBack site is from ZALORA whereby new users will receive 12% cashback and existing users, a 5% cashback, for their purchases on the ZALORA site.

To put that into context, a RM223 shirt from ZALORA can score new users an estimate of RM26 in cash return, when customers first log into ShopBack’s designated #MyCyberSale page. On top of that, an additional discount of 18% off with no minimum purchase is also offered by the e-commerce site, for a limited time only.

Other deals include up to 94% off items on Lazada, inclusive of free shipping. For Lazada, electronics will allow users 6% cashback, non-electronics will receive 9% cashback and fashion items will get users 10% cashback. There are even more delicious deals on the site, inclusive of food discounts by Foodpanda.

Image Credit: Lazada
Image Credit: Lazada

Back in February, the ShopBack team in Singapore shared that one of their biggest problems was to convince consumers that they are for real. With this partnership between ShopBack and government-led #MyCyberSale, consumers can rely on its legitimacy.

In fact, Zalora was one of their early customers and till now, they are still working hand-in-hand, which goes to show that it is still a mutually beneficial relationship—and since that relationship is one that benefits us as consumers, we’re all for it.

For more information on ShopBack and the #MyCyberSale, you can check out ShopBack’s website.

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