A little boy asked them to save one puppy; they're replying by saving more.

Liang Hwei  |  Singapore
Published 2015-10-14 11:00:33

What happens when a 7-year-old sends a request to a digital concierge service to “save a puppy”? A lot, apparently.

Djenee, a digital concierge service that aims to fulfill any request sent their way, has received their most interesting one yet. When a message came in to the company one day from a 7-year-old boy using his mother’s computer to “please save a puppy”, they couldn’t say no. Instead, they reached out to smartphone company OnePlus, who is in the midst of promoting their newest smartphone, the OnePlus 2; and local charity Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD), to help make a difference to puppies in Singapore.

“When Djenee approached us to run a fundraising for abandoned pet dogs, we said yes immediately. It’s more than just another charity drive for us, and very close to our hearts,” said Adrian Lee, General Manager of OnePlus in Southeast Asia. The technology company’s local team had even adopted a Shiba Inu last year, and Una has since become OnePlus’ unofficial mascot.

Una, the unofficial OnePlus mascot

Djenee will be raising funds for SOSD by selling exclusive invites to purchase the OnePlus 2. If you request for a OnePlus phone through Djenee (available on GooglePlay and App Store), you will get an invite that will let you leapfrog the long queue to purchase their OnePlus 2 immediately. Each invite costs S$50, and all proceeds will be channelled to rescuing and rehoming stray dogs, sterilising them, and advocating against stray dog abuse via SOSD.

“We’re thrilled to work with Djenee and OnePlus to raise funds. While the situation with the stray population has somewhat improved in the recent years, demand for kennels and rehoming always quickly outstrips supply, and the alternative of culling strays is always something we’re fighting against,” said Andy Cheng of SOSD.

It seems that the campaign will be riding on the success of OnePlus’s new smartphone, the OnePlus Two. Currently, the waitlist for the latest handset consists of 5 million people, and Lee has shared that they expect this number to continue growing.

Why save one puppy when you can save more, right? Do you feel like saving a puppy today?

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