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Bright and early on Friday (May 3), we were invited by Tealive to Lot 10’s Premier Terrace at Bukit Bintang for a milestone event. Located just outside the MRT station’s doorway, you could hear the event before seeing it.

Playing repeatedly on the speakers was the brand’s new song which featured a catchy tune about how “Life feels better with positivity”. This captured the essence of the day’s event perfectly. 

Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Past the archway welcoming visitors to the “Bru-niverse” (opened only on April 30 to May 5, 2024) was a mini carnival of sorts that hosted an array of activities.

This included a human-sized hamster wheel called Run Around The Bru-niverse, a photo booth spot to “Snap a Bru-file”, and a bubble tea shaped “Yumbler” station to get limited edition Tealive tumblers.

At each of these activities, you’d find Tealive’s new tagline “Brewing Positivity” highlighted in one corner or the other. None were more obvious than the giant Tealive cup beside the truck serving its new “Peach Paradise” menu.

Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Alone, these elements might seem out of place, but together, they’re part of Tealive’s brand refresh that has been months in the making.

Speaking more on this, Loob Holdings’ CEO, Bryan Loo shared that this is part of their goals in being more than just a leading lifestyle tea brand in Southeast Asia.

“While we continue to make great strides these last seven years, we want to strengthen our customer’s attachment to the brand. So, we took a moment to ask ourselves who we really want to be and why we exist as an organisation,” Bryan stated.

The answer to this is exactly what the new tagline suggests: To embody and promote a culture of positivity. “‘Brewing Positivity’ is not so much about brewing our drinks as that’s our core by default, but what we want to do as a brand, [which] is to be purposeful and a champion for good,” he clarified.

Customers can find Tealive’s brand refresh across all its local and international outlets, where store makeovers will be done gradually / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Taking a step forward with a focus on ESG

In an exclusive interview with Vulcan Post, Bryan explained, “Positivity, to us, isn’t just a feel-good notion. It’s a powerful force that can uplift individuals and communities, fostering resilience and hope.” 

In essence, they’re not just all talk, no action.

Moving forward, Tealive will have a series of brand awareness roadshows that double as charity drives, particularly in regions prone to natural disasters. An example he shared was the Philippines that’s highly susceptible to natural hazards, such as tropical cyclones, earthquakes, and volcanic risks.

Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Having expanded into that region in 2022, Bryan finds that they have a responsibility to be at the forefront to help local communities. This applies to other countries that the brand has a footprint in, like Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

“By doing so, hopefully one day we can be remembered as a brand for good,” Bryan expressed. It’s also in this spirit that he announced Tealive’s shift to focusing on sustainability.

As part of the brand refresh, it aims to be the first company in Malaysia to provide a full line-up of eco-friendly paperwares.

He admitted that it’s a challenge, particularly since customers enjoy the aesthetics of their drinks presented in plastic cups. 

However, they’re willing to compromise on the look and feel of the drinks for a better planet. Klang Valley customers will probably have seen these paper cups in stores already in the last few months.

Tealive had previously swapped plastic straws for paper straws and was one of the first large F&B chains to do so at the time. This was a measure in response to the issues that an increase in single-use plastic caused during the bubble tea hype in 2019.

Tealive’s sustainability shift can also be seen upstream where Loob Holdings’ boba plant is set to support the Malaysian economy by partnering with local tapioca farms. Doing this decreases Tealive’s carbon emissions through decreased transport and travel.

Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Looking on a broader scale, Loob Holdings is set to continue its global expansion for both Tealive and Bask Bear (Tealive’s sister brand). Each year, the focus will be on growing in three new regional markets, where one out of the three markets will be in Southeast Asia. This will be owned by the holding company.

The brand plans to expand into our neighbouring Indonesia soon. If they’re able to open their 100th Philippines outlet by Q3 2024, then this will take place by the year’s end.

With a footprint in eight countries outside of Malaysia, the seven-year-old brand believes that now is the right time to revitalise its identity.

Tealive has proven itself to be a mainstay in the beverage scene, and that’s likely because the brand knows that to grow means to embrace change in order to stay relevant with the times.

Currently, the global business landscape seems to be heavily emphasising ESG (environmental, social, governance) practices.

Tealive’s new brand refresh follows this shift, and sets an example for others to follow suit.

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