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Be Malas is a personal concierge service that prides itself in getting all your tasks on your to-do list done while you kick back and laze out. Whether you need a special dish delivered to your doorstep, or whether you’d like to file your taxes, you can send in your request through an SMS to +6012 643 1303, and they will make sure it gets done.

Although their customers use their service to run such errands, they have also been using the service for charitable causes since their inception. To facilitate and to showcase such acts of kindness, Be Malas created an additional avenue called Be Kind.

Under this moniker, Be Malas will be working to empower all efforts related to charity and self-empowerment.

According to one of the co-founders, Suthenesh Sugumaran, since they are still a young company, they will be partnering with established partners to carry out social projects. Eventually, however, they do hope to execute social projects by themselves.

Image Credit: Be Malas
Image Credit: Be Malas

They recently teamed up with a charitable organisation called Teach For Malaysia to raise RM15,000 to help a public school at Sungai Petani, Kedah called SMK Pinang Tunggal. The funds will be used to refurbish the school’s English room.

The school is striving to improve its standards and to provide better education for its students. They received a significant amount of attention from the media after their choral speaking team took the 5th place in the district.

Since then, the school has placed a significant effort to focus on the way English Language is taught and to improve its facilities to create a more conducive and interactive environment for learning. This is one of their first projects where they will be refurbishing their English Room, so that students can learn to read, write and learn English through a fun and interactive method.

Their partner, Teach For Malaysia is a charitable organisation that’s given to the cause of providing children with access to educational opportunities. They believe that a movement of passionate individuals committed to understanding the root causes of education inequity can and will yield positive solutions.

Image Credit: Be Malas
Image Credit: Be Malas

They conduct a full-time and a fully paid leadership development programme that’s modeled after the Teach For America initiative and they place their carefully selected individuals called Fellows in high-need schools across Malaysia for two years.

The Fellows work to increase achievement, affect and access for their students and to affect positive, sustainable change within the communities they serve. All this is done to influence long term changes in the battle against education inequity.

With regards to the partnership, Suthenesh Sugumaran said, “We continuously look for ways to help in as many causes that resonates in all countries that we presently operate in.”

Currently, Be Malas is running the campaign to raise the RM15,000 on their website, and the online campaign will be held for the next 15 days. If you’d like to support the campaign to raise funds to help the school refurbish their English room, you can click here.

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