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Google, oh Google. Has it not become our best friend ever since it was created all those years ago? It has been precisely 18 years to be exact, for those of you who are curious. Or you might have just “Googleed” the answer instead, right?

This really makes me ponder: how else did our forefathers gain information back in the days, besides word of mouth? Certainly, we have it much easier and I have even lost count of how many times I utilise the site daily in order to find the most menial of things, such as “where to eat” or “where is the nearest salon”.

It no doubt helps narrow down the search for things, and I figured that with Google, perhaps life is already much simpler and we no longer have a need for apps and services that curate things for us.

Image Credit: Google
Image Credit: Google

If Google was at our dispense, alongside other search portals such as Bing and Yahoo! Search, then how can a portal which curates things for us, serve us any better, in terms of looking for things such as services, restaurants and more?

One such startup looking to provide the answer to that is Findit. Findit is a tech-based startup with an app and a website that simplifies the process of lifestyle-based content discovery, especially on categories such as money changers, spas and restaurants, just to name a few. I decided to give it a go anyway, and to see if it could really expedite the search as compared to Google, and even its close competitors.

1. Information is housed under one portal.

Image Credit: Findit
Image Credit: Findit

How many of us are guilty of having multiple tabs open at the same time? I’ll raise both hands for that. It’s not only a cumbersome experience, it’s also unproductive. Why? Imagine scrambling to remember bits of details from each open tab. Also, what happens when you accidentally close the tab that has most, if not all the information that you need in the first place?

One thing about Findit is that I can have key information about the services that I am looking for, let’s say a specific taxi service. I can get information such as the mobile number and even proximity to me in one single platform. A thing which Findit could work towards would be probably to add even more locations of search to their listings.

2. An app makes searching on-the-go possible.

Image Credit: Findit
Image Credit: Findit

In a recent study, it was shown how times are a-changing and more people are getting used to surfing via their mobile devices rather than their laptop. In fact, the number is growing by annum and in 2015, 51% of adults in United States use their cellphone over other devices. This could not be more true even for Malaysians, and with that, the way we search has definitely evolved. With an app, chances are that Findit’s conversion rate of clients can increase, and that is one thing they have been fairly smart about.

Thus, having an app really makes a difference, and with Findit, that is how they can garner more users who are virtually on the go at all times. This basically spells out almost everybody. The interface of the application is fairly simple and straight forward, much like the site as well, so that could be a plus for those who want things displayed for them as fuss-free as possible.

Plus. the app has more than half a million business listings across 700 categories covering over 450 cities, that should help to make the search results rather comprehensive.

3. They are comparable with other similar sites. 

Image Credit: Findit
Image Credit: Findit

When it came down to comparing Findit with other sites, I was excited. There are numerous search portals in Malaysia such as Kaodim and ServisHero, but I wanted to see how Findit would stand up against their competitors when they are pitted together. Price points serve as a very valid determinant for potential clients and the lack of it means that would be something which Findit could potentially work towards including in the near future.

Where other sites would allow users to search up a free quote, the feature which Findit applies instead is an ‘add to favourite’ option, so that all the potential services are housed in one location for future consideration. A mobile number is provided as well, so if we want to go down the old-school route and give the plumber, for instance, a call—that can be easily done.

Down To The Wire

Image Credit: Findit
Image Credit: Findit

When it came down to the wire, did Findit stand up to its promise of being “a one-stop destination to find information and get amazing deals around you—be it restaurants, beauty salons, shopping, and much more”? They’ve got the one-stop destination part down, as I needn’t have as many open tabs as before.

However, in order to scale further in 2016, one thing which this startup can consider is the addition of locations by which more users can search, as well as price quotes for certain service-related categories, such as plumbing or renovation, because this can indeed come in handy.

At the end of the day, would I use Findit? Yes, it did serve its purpose. However, I am also wondering what else will Findit add on in the near future, in order to really live up to their name of finding everything in one single platform. Until then, they are yet another valid directory and search engine in Malaysia to search for information and services which are not price-sensitive.

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