Done With Exams And Looking For Jobs? Here Are 8 Best Part Time Jobs For You!

The life of a student is certainly a busy one, especially those that also try to fit in some part time work into their already hectic schedule. When you consider that students have to balance their academic studies, work, other co-curriculum activities, and of course their social lives, you can see just how difficult it must be.

The good news though, is that if a student does manage to combine it all successfully, the added income can turn out to be fantastic for you. The question is, what exactly can you do to earn extra money?

Well, there is a number of different work from home opportunities or part time jobs for students to choose from. Take a look at eight great ways you can supplement your studies with some additional income.

Work as a Tutor

Pays Between $25-$50 Per Hour (University students will be paid higher rates than Junior College students)

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Without doubt, working as a tutor is by far the most popular type of part time jobs for students to take on alongside their studies. Although these types of jobs are usually for University students and they can be paid the better rates, it is possible for secondary school and junior college students to find jobs as well.

There is a big market for this kind of job in Singapore with many types of tuition being required such as the most popular type; home tuition. The roles given to a tutor would be to help teach young students between primary school level and junior college.

The main benefit of being a tutor is that it is among the highest paying part time jobs for students, but it has other benefits too such as requiring no manual labor and giving students confidence through communicating with younger students.

For students who are interested in becoming a tutor, you can start by registering at Ace Tutors to become their tutor for free. You this site to find suitable assignment or allows parents to search for you through their database.

Being an Event Helper

Pays Between $7.50-$10 Per Hour (depending on the nature of the work)

Helping out at events is another great way for students to bring in some extra money. These sorts of gigs are usually only short term and will range between a few days and a few weeks but this will suit students that cannot commit to a longer contract for whatever reason.

The rate might not be as high as some of the other types of jobs on this list but the jobs will certainly vary and be quite fun on most occasions. Additionally, because every job will be different, students will be exposed to varying challenges and roles such as working in logistics, sales, being a facilitator, or as an usher.

The main benefits are definitely the variety of jobs that can be had at a variety of different events around the country and the fact that there is only a short term commitment required.

For students who want to try out this job, there is a wide variety of event promoter jobs available for you at Gumtree, just sign up and check out their list.

Working in Data Entry

Pay Averages $7 Per Hour

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Another popular option for students is that of doing data entry work. This will require at least some basic computer skills but in this day and age most students will have this in abundance.

Students are able to gain the experience of working in an office environment whilst also being able to work in comfort. Additionally, with there being very limited manual labor, students would not get too tired for their studies.

The rate is fairly standard and not particularly high but when you consider the comfortable working environment and lack of physical labor required, it is still a great job for students to pick up. However, almost all data entry job require basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, so pick this skill up first.

If you are interested to find an admin job, you can start looking at popular job website such as Jobsdb.com.sg. There are many admins assistant position offered by companies and one of them might be what you are looking for!

Getting an Internship (University Students)

Pay Varies Between Companies

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Getting an internship at a company has always been a popular way for students to combine gaining work experience and picking up some money at the same time. Work experience is invaluable for students as it will help them further down the line when applying for jobs after graduating.

An internship also looks great on a resume as it shows potential employers that you have already experienced an actual working environment. The pay might not be great and it will depend on the company but it is the experience that is the most valuable aspect of an internship.

For students who are interested in getting an internship, you can either apply in government sector or private sector. The usual wage of government sector is $800-$1000 while private sector can range from $600-1000+ depending on company size. Popular internship website available includes Glints.com and InternSG.com or you can source internship from your school career website.

Get an On Campus Job

Pay is Usually Around $7-$8 Per Hour

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Most schools will offer up jobs that students can do on campus to earn a bit of money while they are studying. This could be anything from being a librarian or residential assistant to being a waiter or student centre caller. The safest place for students is in school, so those that prefer to work in safe environments will be perfect for these kinds of jobs.

The main benefits of working on campus is that you do not have to travel far to start work, you are in a safe working environment, and you will not have to worry about being overworked as there are quotas that have to be adhered to in school.

For NUS, the rate of working in school is $8.74 per hour and the jobs available are librarians, research assistant, student receptionist and many more. Usually when there is an job opening, the school will inform you through email so check your school email regularly.

Be a Retail Assistant

Pay is Usually Around $6 – $8 Per Hour and can also be commission based

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Students that prefer having jobs that are more active or cannot stand sitting at a desk all day long will probably prefer to work in retail. Part time jobs for students in retail are commonplace and will allow students to improve their communication, customer service and sales skills.

The rate of pay on its own is not particularly high but some places will offer commission on any sales made, giving students the added incentive to work hard and make sales. There may be instances where a customer might be a bit fussy but this all aids the student’s development of customer service skills and etiquette.

Usually, students can just apply for retail assistant job through walk in interviews. Retail shops such as Uniqlo will put up notice for hiring so look out for those notice. Even if there is no notice, students can always just walk in and ask whether there is any positions available since retail shops usually are short on manpower.

Be a Research Participant

Pay is usually around $8 – $10 per hour

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Being a research participant is another good way to earn a bit of money while studying at University. While it is not actually considered as working as such, being a research participant can still be a good way to bring in some much needed money.

Students are simply required to sign up to research programs that are being conducted by University professors or departments. As long as they meet the requirements needed for the research project, students can earn good money for doing very little. They could also learn quite a lot too, depending on the particular area of research.

To apply to be a research participant, simply look out for experiment openings which usually will be posted on school event website or noticeboard. The rates are usually 8-10 dollar per hours and experiment can range from simple psychology survey to more extensive one such as nutrition or sleep pattern studies which require high commitment which will offer more reward.

Taking Online Surveys

Pay varies depending on each survey taken

For those looking for online jobs for students, taking online surveys could be an interesting option. This is a very convenient way to earn money from home or anywhere with an internet connection and is actually very easy to do. All a student has to do is create an account and answer questions from surveys to build up exchangeable to cash credits.

There are literally thousands of different places that this can be done online but it would be best to do some research first to ensure that you find reliable ones. The pay will vary depending on each survey but it is possible to earn as much as $50 – $100 depending on how many surveys you get through.

The main benefit is that this is one of the best work from home opportunities for students but it is also convenient, involves no manual labor, and can be done anywhere and at any time.

If you are interested to try out doing online surveys, we recommend you to use PanelPlace.com which is a Singapore based company that gives you access to many reliable survey panels for free. Also, there is a lot  useful information to answer your doubt and guide you in your survey taking process.


Taking up part time work can provide students with a range of benefits from enjoying a good learning experience, improving skills such as time management, making new friends, and gaining independence in life and on their finances.

So whether you are looking for online jobs for students, to earn money from home or part time jobs for students, you now have a good idea of what you can start to do to supplement your studies.

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