Amelia Chen  |  Singapore
Published 2016-05-15 13:09:26

Couples who sleep together would have had their fair share of exploring different sleeping cuddling positions while trying to maintain intimacy as much as possible.

LoveByte — an app that helps couples stay connected by sharing memories privately — recently came up with 10 different couples sleeping positions that are all too familiar to anyone who shares a bed, including the meaning behind the sleeping body language.

The classic “Cradle” position tends to be girls’ favourites as it makes them feel protected; for the guys it means getting ready to feel numbness in the arm underneath. Our personal favourite has to be “The Groper” as it’s sweet, cute and lustful — all at the same time!

See more in the infographic below:

couple sleeping positions
Image credit: lovebyte.us

As much as our culture tends to believe that couples sleeping together is blissful and sweet, it’s not always easy to share a bed AND still be guaranteed of having a good night’s rest. We agree it’s absolutely necessary for couples to find a good balance between comfort and intimacy.

Maybe the back kiss?

Are there any more positions that you sleep in that we missed out? Share it with us!

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