These comic artists have drawings that any Malaysian will relate to, with experiences from our daily lives that we are all familiar with.

Published 2016-09-21 10:27:27

An artist always has their own preferred ways of expressing themselves. Some may opt to use their creative talent to spread a certain message whilst others love doodling for the fun of it. However, creating art that resonates with the public is a harder skill to master.

We’ve put together a list of 10 local talents we think have captured the true spirit of being Malaysian in their own ways.

1. Hxsm

Image Credit: Hxsm

Known for his witty comics that are either about a current trending topic in Malaysia or just general thoughts we have on a daily basis, Hxsm creates simple drawings of characters that is sure to make you nod your head in agreement or let out a good laugh at the subliminal message of his comics.

2) White Noodle Doodle

Image Credit: White Noodle Doodle

This particular artist knows how to combine a crisp and simple art style with his comics to jot down relatable experiences of growing up in Malaysia. Most of his comics are on a more humorous note that makes for a good light read but he has also uploaded other artwork of his that show more of his creative side.

3) Superdoofus

Image Credit: Superdoofus
Image Credit: Superdoofus

Superdoofus attracted attention mainly from his comics that carry messages with serious undertones but told with humour. Perhaps that’s the reason he has gained quite a following.

4) Cik 3zzah

Image Credit: Cik 3zzah
Image Credit: Cik 3zzah

Originally working on her own original series, which she has unfortunately abandoned, Cik 3zzah continues to draw and upload some comics that detail incidents in her life which she believes are relatable enough to be shared with the public.

5) Kendylife

Image Credit: Kendylife

Kendylife is not an uncommon name as many may be familiar with his comics that are always entertaining to read as well as his comics that are usually full of puns. The Sabahan originally created #kendylife, which is his webcomic series and doodles, but he has also gone and expanded his range into creating other styles as well.

6) Masato Kenya

Image Credit: Masato Kenya
Image Credit: Masato Kenya

His comics are usually one of those with humorous context, Masato Kenya knows how to pull the crowd by having his comics be full of memorable characters with stories you can relate to.

7) Daily Life of Ah Via

Image Credit: Daily Life of Ah Via
Image Credit: Daily Life of Ah Via

Daily Life of Ah Via revolves around an animator who has little sense of humour in life. The artist has a memorable and relatable character that she uses in her comics to use them in expressing her thoughts and opinions as a Malaysian for other Malaysians to enjoy too.

8) Vulpineninja

Image Credit: Vulpineninja
Image Credit: Vulpineninja

Vulpineninja has captured a lot of attention with interesting comics that are sure to attract you with deep messages that accompany the artwork. Most of the comic strips are personal opinions which can be slightly controversial but it is that exact reason that people seem to enjoy them.

9) Lisa Ng

Image Credit: Lisa Ng
Image Credit: Lisa Ng

Typically drawn with two characters that are placed in different kind of situations, Lisa Ng brings her adorable drawings of Misai and his companion into life by portraying them in different scenes we can relate to.

10) Tangan Punya Kerja – Ben Osman

Image Credit: Tangan Punya Kerja - Ben Osman
Image Credit: Tangan Punya Kerja – Ben Osman

With a female character drawn to relate to the ladies of Malaysia, this artist incorporates the normal scenarios that amuse us on a daily basis and makes it the base of his comics that is sure to give you a good laugh for the day.

11) kotak.box

Image Credit: kotak.box
Image Credit: kotak.box

With dialogue aimed for the local crowd’s entertainment, kotak.box gathers young artists with different comic styles and brings them together on one platform to share the various kind of stories that would suit the taste of most Malaysians out there.

12) Lizzie and Catman

Image Credit: thelevel.my
Image Credit: thelevel.my

A series of comics by Lizzie Zany, Lizzie and Catman tell the story of a young girl with her cat companion when they encounter regular scenarios you’d find in Malaysia.

Are there any other local artists you believe should receive more attention? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image Credit: Daily Life of Ah Via, White Noodle Doodle, Kendylife

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