Since Cheryl Yeoh stepped down as CEO of MaGIC in January this year, speculation has been rife about what her next career step would be.

Published 2016-09-30 14:55:30

Since Cheryl Yeoh stepped down as CEO of MaGIC in January this year, many have been wondering where will she be venturing next.

As one of MaGIC‘s founding members, Cheryl is a well known in the local startup scene, and she’s always been outspoken and passionate about the growing and sustaining the ecosystem. Aside from being a co-founder of Reclip.it and CityPockets, she’s also been a speaker, investor and mentor to many businesses around.

Therefore, her career is one that many track with interest.

After leaving MaGIC, Cheryl has been keeping busy, running her own advisory and consulting services company, Cheryl Yeoh & Co.

Her April Fool’s joke aside (though we would definitely believe she could be a full-time model), news has broken that Cheryl Yeoh and fellow Malaysian entrepreneur, Fong Wai Hong will be joining Flexiroam as directors, with their appointments beginning on the 1st of October. Flexiroam is a telecommunications company that enables travellers to bypass roaming charges around the world.

According to this report, Cheryl and Wai Hong are joining Flexiroam as non-Executive Directors and are considered by the Board to be independent.

Flexiroam Managing Director, Jef Ong said, “Both Cheryl’s and Wai Hong’s expertise and experience will be a great boost to Flexiroam’s growth and expansion plans.”

He further explained to Vulcan Post, “Flexiroam grows by offering free data to mobile users through various partnerships. Cheryl & Wai Hong have extensive business networks in the US & Australia respectively, which will be tremendously valuable as Flexiroam plans to expands its reach globally.”

Editor’s Note: After publication, this article was edited to reflect updates on Flexiroam, Cheryl’s work and with additional statements from Jef Ong.

Feature Image Credit: Cheryl Yeoh Facebook

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