The Ins-&-Outs Of A Sex Party Is Real Entrepreneurship, Says This Founder In M’sia

Let’s get it out of the way. A sex party is when you get together with a bunch of people for the purposes of having sex. Overseas, these can be fairly elaborate affairs that are held in swanky locations where you can have go have the sex you want with the other attendees. It’s a bit like Tinder, but taken to the next level.

The Play Experience is one such organiser of sex parties (Note: The PLAY website is NSFW), and we speak to the founder Sarah Jane Banahan to get some insight into the industry and to get to know the person responsible for having to get these done.

It sounds strange to hear that a sex party organiser would choose to make Malaysia her home. After all, it’s hard to see our conservative country ever being open to hosting anything of that ilk. Sarah recognises this and emphasised to Vulcan Post, “I will not be bringing PLAY erotic parties to Malaysia, Period. This is my home, this is my peace and quiet, this is the place where I meet my friends, relax and work on my business, that’s it.”

So for any of you who were getting excited, we’re letting you know right at the start. You’ll have to travel overseas to get a taste of what PLAY has to offer.

The Entrepreneur Behind The Brand

Image Credit: Sarah Jane Banahan
Image Credit: Sarah Jane Banahan

Sarah didn’t exactly plan into getting into the whole sex party organising gig from the beginning. According to her, it all started with a small surprise orgy for her boyfriend’s birthday in London. She invited only five to six people to join, but the party group ended up with 35 people instead.

Seeing that it was a big hit, she realised that there was potential in the business. Now, she’s hosted parties all over the world and in all sorts of venues, ranging from yachts, mansions and beach penthouses to sex dungeons.

As to why she personally wanted to start something like this, she added, “I guess my naughty side kicked in profusely and knowing that you can make an impact and show the world the ‘other side’ to sex has been the best choice I ever made. Why? Because not everybody agrees with my line of work, not everybody wants to talk about it it HOWEVER it’s funny how they question it.”

It’s not everyone who can just up and run a successful business, and Sarah labels herself as a jack-of-all-trades. She’s held positions in corporate, and had various runs as a PA, a secretary, a receptionist and a model. She’s also an active writer but her very first job was in a fruit and vegetable stall. She said, “It was pocket money and free fruit!”

She attributes part of her entrepreneurial spirit to her upbringing. “I paid my way from a very early age. I had no choice and my parents were strict. I was never ‘spoon-fed’ and I believe everybody should learn the hard way—otherwise how would you appreciate it when you do have luxuries? You should earn it!”

According to Sarah, “The brand is expanding in so many ways it’s hard to keep up. After hosting a few PLAY parties both in Australia and Europe, we’re taking PLAY to a private ‘more exclusive’ level where we are now turning our strict ruling into hosting for our elite members only.”

She also told us about the conflict she felt in trying to balance the ‘hush-hush’ of the brand and yet working to promote it publicly. She explained, “Right now I am concentrating on that aspect and defining it down to one change: secrecy. Recently I have hosted some of the world’s finest [high profile people]. They wanted to be a part of something completely uncommercial and the more feedback I have engaged, the more I have really seen PLAY turn towards becoming a sophisticated concierge, rather your public sex parties. This is working in my favour and I have finally found my niche.”

Having a good team is also essential to running a business right, and Sarah said, “I constantly surround myself with superb creatives. We constantly feed off new ideas via email and regular Skype calls and of course, as you know, Malaysia is my home so I find the time to meet the team here for continuous catch-ups.”

Behind The Scenes Of What Goes Down

Image Credit: Sarah Jane Banahan
Image Credit: Sarah Jane Banahan

We asked Sarah for a breakdown of what organising a sex party takes, in case some of you want have a go (though again, we’ll like you to remember that this is not in Malaysia). She said, “It actually starts off fantastically smooth with finding the venue, writing up the event e-flyer, directly calling previous party attendees, emailing PLAY’s database and advertising via specific online dating sources and dating websites.”

Her priority is strictly for her regulars and she describes them as her bread and butter and appreciates their loyalty to PLAY.

PLAY also helps with hosting private parties, and this always starts with an agreed budget. The theme is set by the client, or Sarah can provide suggestions. She also will fly in erotic entertainment from all over the world, which can number from 2 to 10 girls, all dependent on the clients’ needs, location, venue and the guests who will accompany them.

A self-described massive perfectionist, she said, “Everything is addressed, down to the fine line of the toilet paper.” And no, she wasn’t joking there.

It’s Not Just All Fun And Games

Image Credit: Sarah Jane Banahan
Image Credit: Sarah Jane Banahan

Of course, there are challenges that she faces, particularly in sourcing out venues. Since she’s very aware of the difficulties she’ll face, she believes in always being prepared. “We face obstacles like ‘sex licensing’ and hosting parties in specific venues—you may find the perfect venue however whether you can host a sex party in that venue can be an obstacle. You just have to have your eyes wide open and always have a plan B (Plan B meaning another venue).

Every time I host a party I always have 2 venues to choose from just in case my first option bails—which can happen from time to time, but you get used to that. It’s also who you know and who is willing to offer PLAY private properties to host inside with rules that to be respectful of their valuables, furniture and so on and so forth. That is all based on trust and without trust I doubt you get anywhere, especially in this line of work!”

Like all other businesses, PLAY has to do what’s right, figure out what’s respectful including the country one may operate in taking into account religion, licensing and legalities.

Controversy was something we had to bring up to Sarah because, as you know, a sex party organiser isn’t exactly an ordinary day job. In our heads, we were wondering if she had experienced media or public putting her down.

She said, “In fact all press (good or bad) is still press, and it’s the press that feeds the demand for your business or at least shines light on your brand. I don’t go out and force my own hype down people’s throats; I’m just a realist and my attitude may be a little different to some, depending on what country, what religious aspect or certain grounds people are coming from.

For instance, me telling you that I will host my parties in a Muslim country will create controversy. However me hosting in a moderately low key country like the UK, does that make it controversial? People have opinions; opinions are the driving force between taking action, ignoring it and just moving on. It’s not a bad thing to be controversial and make a stand nor should your business be affected by it.”

In terms of criticism that comes against her personally, this is what she had to say, “Like chill, take a break—just enjoy it while it lasts! If you don’t like the way one operates (i.e. myself and PLAY) then jog on. This is my choice of lifestyle. I am 31 years old and trust me when I tell you I am living and I am breathing in life, relationships and adding the fun element to sex!

PLAY parties captivate many, many sexually liberated people and if it weren’t for this, for some, they wouldn’t know how or what to do with their sexual frustrations. I am here to guide, help and educate.”

Feature Image Credit: Sarah Jane Bamahan

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