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While serving hundreds of corporate offices, local startup Supplycart saw a demand for its services in the education sector, which has seen growth due to the importance of making sure children are given learning opportunities.

They noticed how many educational institutes spent personal time to purchase school supplies when that time could have been used to focus on the children.

Similar to offices who need basic supplies to work, education institutes require a lot of supplies such as stationery for everyday learning.

Teachers already have to juggle a lot of other tasks in their day to day lives on top of just teaching. They have marking, admin, paperwork, and all the million small tasks and responsibilities that come with working with schoolchildren.

So having a service that can give them supplies—not just for their activities with the children, but even creature comforts like having a fully-stocked teacher’s lounge and pantry—can just make their life a little bit better.

And it’s also a smart move on the business front. There are over 10,000 schools in Malaysia and over 1,000 of them are in Klang Valley alone. They would have a regular and constant need for the same supplies that Supplycart already has on hand within the same delivery area.

Acton Academy Kuala Lumpur, The British International School of Kuala Lumpur and Julia Gabriel Center Kuala Lumpur are already some of Supplycart’s existing customers. So, they decided to extend the collaboration further through events.

Their first event happened in June. Supplycart was the official supplies partner for the Acton Academy Kuala Lumpur’s inaugural Children’s Business Fair.

Acton Academy KL has a motto of encouraging their students with peer-to-peer learning. Part of their annual curriculum includes having their kids (known as Eagles) from 6 to 14 years-old, go through a six-week entrepreneurship session to learn about real-life business skills such as surveying, product testing and even cost overheads.

E-ship Quest Map used by Acton Academy Kuala Lumpur’s Eagles during their six-week entrepreneurship journey / Image Credit: Caryn Kong from Acton Academy Kuala Lumpur.

The end of the course sees them participating in a business fair. Supplycart showed their support by managing the printing of buntings, flyers, t-shirts, caps & event gifts for the event.

CEO Jonathan Oh also volunteered to be the judge for the business booths created by Acton Academy KL’s students.

Another one of Supplycart’s endeavours into the education sector is sponsoring the recent British International School of Kuala Lumpur’s Magical Summer Fair 2017 which is held every year to raise funds for various charity organisations.

Image Credit: Supplycart

Supplycart supported them as they did with Acton Academy KL and also by having their own booth so fair attendees could have fun with some nerf guns while creating brand awareness.

Besides being involved with events, Supplycart’s also looking at partnerships in the form of helping schools plan and budget their everyday operations when it comes to the supplies they order.

“We are open to partnerships with any companies. What is most important to us is that we are able to help in their needs so they can focus on the more important things in their schools & for schools to #learnhappy!” said Jonathan to Vulcan Post.

In alignment with their #workhappy concept for corporations, Supplycart’s looking to advocate a #learnhappy campaign that has educators and school administrators leaving the chore of shopping for school supplies to Supplycart so they can focus on educating students.

“They’re able to enjoy seamlessly easy school supplies delivered to their campus. But our main goal in focusing on the education sector would be the students. We are treating this venture of supplying school supplies as an investment into their future,” said Jonathan.

This article was written in collaboration with Supplycart. You can read the original blog posts about Supplycart’s involvement in Acton Academy Kuala Lumpur’s Children’s Business Fair and British International School’s Magical Summer Fair here and here.

Feature Image Credit: Supplycart

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