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The co-working space phenomenon isn’t just a startup buzzword anymore. Even large corporations are buying into this modern outlook on offices.

After all, it’s nice to have an office space that already has all of the required amenities provided and maintained, which removes the hassle from bedraggled managers or bosses.

And as many believers of the co-working spaces have touted, it’s a great way to build connections with individuals outside of your normal officemates in a setting that can easily lead to business partnerships.

In many ways, it’s also the great equaliser for everyone from freelancers, startups, SMEs to even large corporations to exist together in the same space.

If you’re a believer in what co-working spaces have to offer, but are unsure about where to start, these are some charts that compare the prices and facilities of co-working spaces in Klang Valley, with their rates and a short description of what they have to offer.

We’ve included as many as we could find, as long as they had rates available online.

Hot Desk

Image Credit: Uppercase

The hot desk allows the more extroverted among us to network outside of our usual comfort zones.

It also allows flexibility in terms of location on a monthly, to even daily basis. Generally, the hotdesk is ideal for companies that are just starting out, or freelancers and digital nomads to find a temporary home in.

Co-Working Space Location Rates/Month Rates/Day  Hours Selling Point 
MaGIC Cyberjaya RM150 RM30 8.00am–6.00pm Spacious location at the heart of the startup scene.
Uppercase Bangsar KL (Bangsar) RM450 N/A 8.00am–7.00pm Has showers and personal lockers.
START KL (Bangsar) RM450 RM35 9.00am–7.00pm Free van shuttle service, quiet neighborhood and active community.
BMGS Pudu KL (Changkat) RM180 N/A N/A Opportunity to explore the ASEAN market, especially China.
Common Ground
(Damansara Heights)
KL (Damansara
RM499 N/A N/A Premium location and emphasis on IT-based community.
CEO Suite KL KL (Maxis Tower,
RM800 N/A N/A Spacious and fully furnished workspace.
Tedboy Express KL (Menara
RM400 RM50 8.00am–8.00pm Spacious amenities and nearby lunch options.
Common Ground
(Mont Kiara)
KL (Mont Kiara) RM399 N/A N/A Premium location and emphasis on IT-based community.
Servcorp KL (Nu Tower 2) RM230 N/A 4-Hours Convenient, premium location and wheelchair accessible.
AIRSpace KL (Sri Petaling) RM350 RM40 9.00am–6.00pm Thoughtful laptop-friendly lights and ergonomic chairs.
Common Ground (TTDI) KL (TTDI) RM399 N/A N/A Premium location and emphasis on IT-based community.
WORQ KL (TTDI) RM300 N/A 24-Hours High event volume and high number of amenities available.
Jetpack Coworking
& Events Space 
Kuala Lumpur RM450 RM30 9.00am–6.30pm Quiet, lots of sunlight and swimming pool.
The Startup Kuala Lumpur RM150 RM30 24-Hours Many F&B options and near a surau.
The Co.  Kuala Lumpur RM650 RM50 9.00am–6.00pm Near Monorail. Upbeat and spacious.
Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur RM500 N/A 9.00am–7.00pm Global co-working franchise and flexible membership.
Nook Kuala Lumpur RM400 RM50 N/A Cozy, near LRT and with a pool table.
Colony Kuala Lumpur RM528 RM27 (per 8-hour day) 24-Hours Premium location with luxurious amenities.
Paper + Toast Kuala Lumpur RM700 (charged per week) RM40 9.00am–6.00pm First co-working space in Malaysia and near monorail.
H Space Petaling Jaya RM290 RM25 9.00am–6.00 pm Connecting small business with creative freelancers and service providers.
Meja4u Petaling Jaya RM380 RM30 N/A Near LRT and the EVOLVE Mall.
KiasuLab Petaling Jaya RM350 N/A N/A Experienced in product development and able to nurture high-potential startups commercialise.
The Thinking Loft Petaling Jaya RM500 RM30 9.00am–10.00 pm Showers, prayer rooms and lots of natural lighting.
H Space (Bandar Utama) Petaling Jaya RM390 N/A N/A Connects small business with creative freelancers and service providers.
H Space (Kota Damansara) Petaling Jaya RM290 N/A N/A Connects small business with creative freelancers and service providers.
Whitespace Puchong RM389 N/A N/A Near IOI Mall.
CO3 Social Office Puchong RM1000 RM60 4-Hours One of the largest co-working spaces, with a slide.
WorQit Seri Kembangan RM180 RM18 N/A Good for startups and cheap food options.
Co-Labs Shah Alam RM250 RM15 10.00am–7.00pm Showers available and access to nearby university’s facilities.
Hour Loft Shah Alam RM299 N/A 10.00am–12.00am Convenient location and café-like space
KLEX Subang Jaya RM350 RM20 9.00am–6.00pm Diverse community and a walk away from restaurants and malls.
The Success Factory Subang Jaya RM600 RM35 10.00am–6.00pm Diverse, entrepreneur-focused community.

Fixed Desk

Image Credit: Coworker.com

The dedicated desk is similar to a hotdesk, but it allows you the luxury of being able to set up on a set table just for you, rather than move around at the communal hotdesk area.

In some co-working spaces, the fixed desks are even cordoned off into a more private space compared to the hotdesk area.

It’s a decent middle ground for those who are looking for a similar vibe to the hotdesk, while still needing a space to call home.

Co-Working Space Location Rates/Month Selling Point 
MaGIC Cyberjaya RM200 Spacious location at the heart of the startup scene.
Uppercase Bangsar KL (Bangsar) RM550 Comes with showers and personal lockers.
START KL (Bangsar) RM700 Free van shuttle service in a quiet neighborhood and active community.
Common Ground
(Damansara Heights)
KL (Damansara
RM899 Premium location and emphasis on IT-based community.
Common Ground
(Mont Kiara)
KL (Mont Kiara) RM499 Premium location and emphasis on IT-based community.
AIRSpace KL (Sri Petaling) RM450 Thoughtful laptop-friendly lights and ergonomic chairs.
Common Ground
KL (TTDI) RM559 Premium location and emphasis on IT-based community.
WORQ KL (TTDI) RM600 High event volume and high number of amenities availabe.
Jetpack Coworking
& Events Space 
Kuala Lumpur RM450 Quiet, lots of sunlight and swimming pool.
The Co. Kuala Lumpur RM850 Near Monorail. Upbeat and spacious.
Colony Kuala Lumpur RM868 Premium location with luxurious amenities.
H Space
(Bandar Utama)
Petaling Jaya RM590 Connects small business with creative freelancers and service providers.
H Space
(Kota Damansara)
Petaling Jaya RM490 Connects small business with creative freelancers and service providers.
CO3 Social Office Puchong RM1200 One of the largest co-working spaces, with a slide.
Co-Labs Shah Alam RM350 Showers available and access to nearby uni’s facilities.
KLEX Subang Jaya RM500 Diverse community, a walk away from restaurants and malls.

Private Office

The private offices is suitable for teams that may seek a bit of privacy, or even individuals that would like to have space for their own to run their business.

This might include businesses who work with physical produces, like blueprint storage or clothes.

Co-Working Space Location Rates/Month Selling Point 
Common Ground
KL (Damansara
RM1099 Premium location and emphasis on IT-based community.
Incub8 KL (Mont Kiara) RM1,500
Professional secretary services, prime location and business mentorship.
Common Ground
(Mont Kiara) 
KL (Mont Kiara) RM599 Premium location and emphasis on IT-based community.
AIRSpace KL (Sri Petaling) RM1200 Thoughtful laptop-friendly lights and ergonomic chairs.
Common Ground
KL (TTDI) RM659 Premium location and emphasis on IT-based community.
WORQ KL (TTDI) RM500 Premium location and emphasis on IT-based community.
The Startup Kuala Lumpur RM90
(6 months)
Many F&B options and near a surau.
Colony Kuala Lumpur RM2088 Premium location with luxurious amenities.
H Space
(Bandar Utama)
Petaling Jaya RM1500 Connects small business with creative freelancers and service providers.
H Space
(Kota Damansara)
Petaling Jaya RM1500 Connects small business with creative freelancers and service providers.
Whitespace Puchong RM489 Near IOI Mall.
Co-Labs Shah Alam RM450 Showers available and access to nearby uni’s facilities.
KLEX Subang Jaya RM800–RM1150
on pax)
Diverse community which is a walk away from restaurants and malls.

Most of them also offer event spaces, though the rates for that tend to vary depending on time, so we have not included them.

As a general summary, you get what you pay for. The higher-priced co-working spaces either come with better in-house perks, or are housed in a prime working locations (such as proximity to the city center).

The industry has really taken off, and it’s still growing—quite a few of the spaces listed only opened in the past 12 months.

We looking forward to seeing how much more the local landscape will change and evolve even as this lifestyle of co-working offices grows in popularity.

Feature Image Credit: CO3 Social Office 

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